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Suppliers, who Natural and vulcanised rubber in the manufacturing process Automatic turning (bar) process

Suppliers, who Natural and vulcanised rubber in the manufacturing process Automatic turning (bar) process, are presented clearly on Techpilot. Find out about different companies and discover new suppliers.

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DE-95505 Immenreuth (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

The Fa aldo Vertrieb GmbH can be ordered for mainly manufacture in CZ (Czech Republic) and SK (Slovak Republic), for the metal industry.

Due to carefully selected manufacturers, we are able to offer a wide range of production possibilities. Good opportunities exist in

- Mechanical / Machining: for example turned parts, milled parts, wire EDM, etc.
- Tooling / fixtures, gages
- Metal forming / punching, stamping, forming
- Casting production / cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, aluminum and non-ferrous metal castings
- Its own model and mold
- Sheet metal processing / complex sheet metal assemblies, covers, housings, steel sheet, stainless steel, VA plates
- Steel construction / welding assemblies, machine frames, base frames with mechanical processing
- Flame cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting

The company produces items to series production.

Rotate: diameter of 2 mm to 300 mm, length of 10 mm to 1000 mm. Conventional machines as well as modern CNC lathes with attached treibenen tools and CNC lathes.

Milling: Conventional and CNC machines and machining centers.

Loops is also possible (surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, CNC).


- Heat treatment such as carburizing, nitriding
- Surface coating, bronzing, coating, chromating, galvanizing

Most of our suppliers are certified.

spare capacity in the area of ​​milling (form milling, HSC milling, face milling)

Company data
Year of foundation: 2005
Droiacker 2
DE-95505 Immenreuth
DE-87727 Babenhausen (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

We are your competent partner for

• CNC long / short and turned parts
• Vertical Turning
• Assembly of mechanical assemblies
• Thread rolling
Through grinding of medium-and high-volume to rd.70

CNC turning

Complete machining on modern CNC machines (long and short turned parts, vertical turning)

• standard, complex workpieces (of rd3 mm to RD50 mm, vertical turning up to rd150mm) are produced in batches of 1,000 units to 100,000 units

• edit all steels, case hardened and tempered high nitriding steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals as well as extrusion, sintering and forging blanks

Mechanical Production

Mechanical production of thread rolling machines and Profilators (6-kt Beat) Installation of mechanical assemblies

Our precision machined and precisely controlled items will be mounted with the supplied, controlled foreign parts and then tested.
The end result are tested and perfectly working components.

Company data
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Fabrikstraße 30
DE-87727 Babenhausen
DE-51580 Reichshof-Tillkausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

Versatility - through years of experience and openness to new ideas.

Today MOUNTAIN METAL OHG was founded in 1980 by Mr. Alfons Berg as a sole proprietorship.

In 1994 the opening of a branch factory in Oberwiehl and thus the expansion of the power spectrum in sheet metal processing.

The establishment of a partnership made in 1999 by the introduction of the individual enterprise and the participation of Mr Andreas Berg, who since 1993 has been an employee of the company.

Managing Partners are Alfonso and Andreas Berg.

Dedicated and technically skilled staff, supported by a powerful technical equipment enable quality and on-time reliable results that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

With the sum of our experience of over 30 years, creativity and flexibility, we develop optimized overall and advanced detail solutions.

Robot Welding Welding Welding Robot welding welded constructions sheet metal forming sheet metal processing milling turning machining sheet metal structures large milling parts assemblies burnouts combustion engine burning operation Abkantarbeiten cut profiles industry profiles structural steel welding welding TIG MIG MAG Stud Welding Drawn Arc Capacitor discharge machining stainless steel engineering tool steel plasma cutting plasma system plasma cutting parts sheet steel processing 16Mo3 Hardox 1.4301 1.4571 1.4404

Company data
Year of foundation: 1980
ISO 9001:2008
DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
Am Broich 7
DE-51580 Reichshof-Tillkausen
CN-518109 ShenZhen (Guangdong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Anok is a professional manufactory in China , specialized in precision machined part, mould making and plastic products production.

1). Precision metal part: turning,milling, grinding,CNC ,EDM, est. The tolerance can reach in 0.002mm.

2). Mould includes: Injection Moulds + die casting mould +IMD mould+ Blowing mould + Rubber mould + Mould Inserts

3). Plastic products includes Medical / Electronical equipment, Automotive parts , household appliances,Telecom devices, General usage. Pls refer to for detailed products pictures.

Anok is ISO certificated factory. Many European and North American customers choose Anok after their quality audit in China, for our vertically integrity new facilities,satisfying quality, best price and most cooperative service.

Any question or enquiry, pls feel free to contact me.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1997
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
HeBei Industrial Area, Dalang,LongHua
CN-518109 ShenZhen
DE-34281 Gudensberg-Deute (Hessen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

For over 25 years we are in CNC turning and CNC milling positions and report with currently 11 employees turning and milling parts from almost all machinable materials, but predominantly from high-alloy stainless steels.

Our production program includes the creation of products ertsprechend the desired shape according to drawings or sample parts in item-to small-and medium series production for rod and insert parts or complete assemblies (up to 100kg).

The operation of our machinery is carried out by a team of highly specialized workers and four Dreher and engineering masters.

For this reason, we are fast and flexible to respond to your short-term, time-critical appointment wishes or capacity constraints while maintaining a high professional standards, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, in the situation.

We assure you flawless, professional and timely processing at a high quality level.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1978
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Grüner Weg 8
DE-34281 Gudensberg-Deute
DE-78098 Triberg (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The manufacture and processing of complex turned parts is one of our core competencies. Edit all common steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

CNC turning
In modern CNC lathes can be completely machined workpieces from the bar or as a feed part in one or more set-ups. All machines are equipped with driven tools and C-axis. With sometimes up to 6 controlled axes, sub-spindle and bar loader economical complete machining of complex turned parts is possible.

Machining dimensions:
from Ø 5 mm to Ø 80mm to Ø 380mm of the rod in the chuck - maximum turning length 800mm

Conventional turning
If it makes economic sense, we at item and limited-series one of our conventional lathes.

Machining dimensions:
up to Ø 400mm - maximum turning length 1000 mm

Company data
Year of foundation: 2001
Employees: 5 - 10

Kreuzloch 2
DE-78098 Triberg
CN-518104 Shenzhen (Guangdong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Bluesky Tooling Industrial Limited Company is a factory and trade incorporated company, which was established in 2001 occupies 2000 square meters and owns 200 workers in Shenzhen, GuangDong Province now.Our company focus on supply all kinds of machining parts, plastic parts, stamping parts and metal sheet fabrication and prototype with high quality and reasonable price to our customers. we also provide stamping die and plastic injection mold to customer. Our goal is to service our customers well and make them to be satisfactory.
Company data
Year of foundation: 2001
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
#518, B1 Building, Rong Tai Yuan, WanFeng Village, Shajing Town,
CN-518104 Shenzhen
DE-77866 Rheinau-Freistett (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
As a supplier to the industry, we specialize in the production of complex turning and milling parts. There were welded constructions and assemblies.

On our numerically controlled lathes and machining centers we are able to small to large series produce parts and materials of all kinds in the highest precision drawing. Of course, we wrap up the purchase of materials and all further work, such as heat and surface treatments for our customers.

Core competencies:

Turn: On our modern CNC turning centers we work for the following ranges of rotation (ø 3-600 mm, length up to 2000 mm, up to ø 65 mm from the rod)

Milling: With our CNC milling 4 - and machining centers, we cover the following processing areas from (4 axes, 550 x 500 x 1600 mm, length up to 3000 mm).
New in our machine park is a 5-axis machining center from Sigma.



see also:

Company data
Year of foundation: 2001
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001
Am Viehgrund 2
DE-77866 Rheinau-Freistett
CN-518126 Shenzhen (Guangdong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
We are a leading custom parts manufacturer from China. And specialized in manufacturing and provide with following parts for our Europe-America & Japan customers: Investment casting for stainless steel / brass/ bronze/ carbon steel/ alloy steel parts. Custom-made precision machining parts for tooling core/ cavity/ lifter/ slider inserts. We provdide with our customers good quality parts with good quality and reasonable pricing & quickly turnaround. If you are looking for reliable oversea supplier for your subcontract machining jobs... If you are looking for way to cut down your production cost... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CMI would be your best resourcing. Please send your RFQ to us. We are more then happy to quote it for you. And we are happy to make free sample for your review first. Should you have any question or concern please do not hesitate to let me know or login for more information about us.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1978
Employees: 100 - 200

No certificates
Bao An Shenzhen. China
CN-518126 Shenzhen
DE-51588 Nümbrecht (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
We are a medium sized company with decades of experience in machining.

Our focuses are:

CNC turning and milling
Fully assembled modules
Machined Parts
High temperature brazing under vacuum
Arc welding
Electron beam welding
Treatment of surfaces
More on request

By investing in modern machining technology we were able to take a firm position as a supplier of turned parts - save milled parts.

In addition to many small and medium-sized companies, we also supply for decades, the various works of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1992
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
ISO-TS 16949:2009
Ahebruch 2-4
DE-51588 Nümbrecht
SI-2242 ZGORNJA KORENA (Slovenija)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Company Deučman doo Maribor is a modern, innovative service company for the metal working. The company is working on high-quality machine parts used in a broad engineering. Our services include the production of small and medium-sized machine parts.

We are specialized in manufacturing on CNC turning and CNC milling.

With us, we handle all types of steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and various plastic materials (POM, PA, PE, PTFE, PVC ......)

4 - axes Bearbeitunszentrum SHW UF 4
3 - Vertical machining center ZPS MCFV 125 EZ

3 - axis lathe TRAUB TND 200 with Angetrinenen tools, C - axis tailstock
3 - axis lathe TRAUB TND 300G with Angetrinenen tools, C - axis,

Because we are a small company, we are very flexible to respond quickly - and most importantly, the customer can rely on us.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2008
Employees: < 5

DE-93437 Furth im Wald (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Die heutige DEURINGER GmbH wurde im Jahre 1989 vom Firmeninhaber Wolfgang Deuringer, als Einzelfirma gegründet. Erstprodukt: CNC-Fertigteile nach Kundenzeichnungen 1992: Beziehen des Neubaus in der Adolph-Kolping-Straße 2 1996: Erweiterungsbau - Materiallager 1997: Umbenennung in DEURINGER GmbH 1998: Erweiterungsbau und Außenanlagen 2001: Erweiterungsbau Ausbildungswerkstätte 2003: Erweiterungsbau Bürogebäude 2004: Neubau Kantine/Schulungsraum 2005: Erweiterung der Fertigung (Drahterodieren) 2007: Neubau Lagerhalle Unsere Fertigung erstreckt sich auf über 1000qm, auf der mit modernsten Maschinen hochwertige Produkte entstehen. Wir fräsen, drehen, bohren oder schleifen Einzelteile, Serienteile und komplette Baugruppen für: - Transporteinheiten - Dämpfereinheiten im Bereich Auto- und Motorsport - Elektrotechnik z.B. kpl. Lichtleiter-Verbindungen, Kühlkörper, Gehäuse, Aufbauplatten - Logistiksysteme der Zuführereinheiten, Transportsysteme - Papiermaschinen, Verpackungsmaschinen und Kartonagen - Strömungstechnik z.B. Ventile für Sonderpumpen, Verteilungssysteme für Luft und Öl, Düsen - Recyclinganlagen z.B. Kameragehäuse, Sotiereinrichtungen - chemische Anlagen, über- und Unterdruck-Einrichtungen, Verschlüsse an Gehäusen Unser Unternehmen hat sich heute als Lohnfertiger mit folgenden Fertigungsarten etabliert: CNC - Drehen, Einzel- und Serienteile CNC - Fräsen, Einzel- und Serienteile Flachschleifen und Drahterodieren Innenrund-und Außenrundschleifen Fertigung von Systembaugruppen auch mit Elektrik Härten
Company data
Year of foundation: 1989
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Adolph-Kolping-Str. 2
DE-93437 Furth im Wald
DE-50679 Köln (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
We are a company located in Cologne (NRW). With our own factory in Shenzhen China, we offer cost-effective product in many fields.

In-House Production:
Plastic injection molding tools
Moldflow Analysis
Plastic injection molding parts
2 colors injection molding (dual-injection)
Plastic injection molding parts with Mental
Surface treatment, for example, spray painting, screen printing, and plating etc;
Mechanical parts assembly
Final inspection and packaging

We manage production with our partners for:
Aluminum die casting tools
Aluminum die casting parts
machining, stamping, extruding, sintering, iron casting, rubber parts,
Production and assembly.
With finishing in powder coating, painting, sand blasting, grinding, plating, high gloss polishing, and oxidizing, etc.

Please visit our site to see the products we have ever made. We look forward to the opportunity to develop and expand together. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me or send me emails.

You are welcomed to contact us. ! ***
Company data
Year of foundation: 2009
Employees: < 5

No certificates
Siegburger Strasse 149-151
DE-50679 Köln
SI-5281 Spodnja Idrija (Slovenija)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
ISO 9001:2008
Gorenja Kanomlja 9
SI-5281 Spodnja Idrija
DE-70825 Korntal-Münchingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
More than just rubber: Your source for the technical implementation of sophisticated ideas of elastomers and thermoplastics.

As an international company, we are specialized in these segments and are the right address for demanding tasks. And there is especially interesting where others stand on the hose: for difficult requirements, special quantities, special series, special materials, customized solutions. Together with our customers we develop product ideas and realize them from the initial sample to mass production. Our consulting services range from the choice of materials to the construction and application techniques. An integrated performance for the period of high claims.

Molded rubber, molded rubber parts, plastic injection molding, injection molding, rubber profiles, profiles of rubber, plastic profiles, plastic profiles, rubber to metal bonding, rubber-metal buffers, molded hoses, elbow hoses, rubber hoses, rubber hoses, plastic hoses, plastic hoses, stamping parts, turning parts, milling parts, power transmission, timing belts, V-belts

With our own manufacturing capabilities and alliances with manufacturing partner companies, it is possible very flexibly to our customer requirements.

Step into the world of rubber and plastic technology!

ISO 9001:2008
Heinrich-Lanz-Str. 4
DE-70825 Korntal-Münchingen
DE-82490 Farchant (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The Friedrich engineering company was founded in 1994 by Manfred Friedrich.

We would like to introduce ourselves as an innovative and full service company in the field of precision engineering and special engineering.

With modern machinery (CNC and conventional) and qualified staff, we are able to produce high-volume, small batch, single parts and assembly of modules and special machines according to customer requirements.

As a supplier, we are in daily to new requirements and tasks.

Ettaler Str. 1
DE-82490 Farchant
GR-57022 THESSALONIKI (Voreia Ellada)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Established over 40 years ago and proudly remaining a privately owned family company, we can either make complete or source your metal machined components using our vast knowledge of engineering experience.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1987
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
TW-42952 TAICHUNG CITY (T'ai-wan)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Global Steady Corporation is a professional manufacturing company in Taiwan. We ONLY produce the parts in Taiwan. No other countries. 30 sets of 4 axis or 5 axis turing and milling machines in our factory. We have machined the precise and multi-components for various industries over thirty years such as automative, moto, bike, hand tool, general machinery, medical device, camera, climbing device etc. Besides that, our experience in machining the material as below:

Carbon Steel: C45, C20, C18, 9SMn28, 9SMnPb28, 9SMn36, 9SMnPb36, etc.

Allloy Steel: 42CrMo4, 40NiCrMo7, 21NiCrMo2, etc.

Stainless Steel: 1.4305, 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4435, etc.

Tool Steel: 95MnCrW8, 90MnCrV8, X155CrMoV121, etc.

Aluminium: AlMgSiCu, AlZnMgCu1.5, AlMgSi0.5, etc.

Copper: CuZn40Pb2, CuZn36Pb3, etc.

Engineering Plastic: Delrin(POM), Nylon, Teflon, Peek, acrylic, etc.

To offer high quality for our customers is our main aim everyday. If you are interesting in our factories, please feel free to visit us and it is our honor to welcome you. It is very sincere and honest to do business with you. Hopefully, we can do business with you very soon and keep a long term business relationship.
Company data
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
No.51-6, Gouxin Rd., Shengang Dist.
CN-523109 Dongguan (Guangdong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
For the mechanical parts you want!

We are different!! -- keep the Rigorous work attitude!!!

we are a professional mechanical parts' machining manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, namely Goodwill Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. abbreviation: GPM, website:
Business segment: Machining custom precision parts.

Production Equipment: CNC (DMG, MIKRON, MAZAK), Swiss turning, NC turning, Milling, Grinding, W/C..etc

Testing Equipment: CMM, Digital micrometers, Altitude instrument...etc.

Frequently used materials: steel & stainless steel & Aluminum & Copper & Plastic & hard metal

Main Markets: 60% -European market; 20% Janpan market; 10%-Domestic Market.

1. Rigorous work attitude.
2. Easy to communicate in English, German,Japanese.
3. Responsibility.
4. Stable quality.--Internal Assurance Quality control System.
3. Fast lead time--Bar Code ERP system to control in every process.
4. Competitive prices.
5. No quantity limited. (Focus on 10pc to 100,000pcs)
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 200 - 500

ISO 9001:2008
No. 68, Shizhu Road, Dongcheng.
CN-523109 Dongguan
DE-71297 Mönchsheim (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

The efforts of Gotech - CNC GmbH based on the satisfaction of customers, caused by first-class quality with on-time delivery. Today the Gotech busy - CNC GmbH over 40 qualified and motivated employees, through which the quality is assured.

We, as an international company, provides 20% of our annual production to neighboring countries. To meet the ever increasing demands of our customers, we continuously invest heavily in technological modernization and expansion of our production facilities.

Our diverse editing possibilities begin in rotation range Ø 25 mm to Ø 650 mm and go at a maximum working length of 2000 mm. In the milling area, we are at the length of 10 x 10 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm and edit in Langfräsbereich up to a part length of 1450 mm.

The follow-up work such as hardening, nitriding, bronzing and all necessary surface treatments are performed by chosen experts who are working in accordance with our ideology and also the highest quality products available.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1999
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
Am Dieb 3
DE-71297 Mönchsheim
DE-78559 Gosheim (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

Precision from a single source!

By rotating technology, grinding, gear manufacturing and assembly.

Added value of Grimm means first and foremost vertical integration. Because we offer the complete machining of a hand with turning, gearing technology, grinding and assembly in-house. Complement addition, audited and in our immediate environment is settled partner for surface finishing and heat treatment our services.

This promotes flexibility and quality - and offers our customers the opportunity to use Grimm precision as a system supplier for finished assemblies.

Manufacture of rotary - and gear parts with cross processing. Shot in hardened design waves, toothed, hardened and ground Schälwälz hard turned machined shafts, gears, holes.

Product examples:

Gear parts
Gear sets
Long turned parts
Installation of wheel combinations

Company data
Year of foundation: 1930
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001
Brücklestraße 16
DE-78559 Gosheim
DE-14929 Treuenbrietzen (Brandenburg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

Innovative concepts in machining
Services in CNC turning and milling, turning shop, assembly of complex components and devices, taking over complete outsourcing projects

The GTMB metal part production GmbH is your technical partner when it comes to machining operations, assembly of complex assemblies and equipment or relocation of production.

Through our technical expertise and flexibility, we manufacture according to your individual requirements on modern machine technology sophisticated CNC milling and turning parts in small to medium series.

These are our many years of experience in the machining of copper materials, high-strength materials and delicate products made of cast aluminum.

In quality management, we are consistently focused on the needs of the international markets of our customers.

The GTMB may be your problem solver for the production of sophisticated CNC milled parts and turned parts as well as the assembly of mechanical components and devices.

Our strengths:

Ability of simultaneous engineering

Constructive advice before the manufacturing stage

Professionalism in work preparation

Care in the production

Technical process safety by certified processes

Logistic fine-tune your rhythm production

Company data
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
Leipziger Str. 109a
DE-14929 Treuenbrietzen
DE-86830 Schwabmünchen (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

as a family from the metal-working industry, we want to introduce you to our wide range.
The versatility of possible solutions is one of our strengths and allows flexible solutions to complex challenges.
So we have only the necessary know-how through various practices, such as CNC turning, CNC milling, wire EDM, etc. We combine the latest technology with years of experience and guarantee you reliability and quality.

The company Heinz Knöpfle GmbH was founded in 1979 by Mr. Heinz Knöpfle as a company for special machines. The company is located in Schwabmunchen / Schwabegg, about 30km south-west of Augsburg.

We supply our products mainly to a solid customer base with great success, we would like to introduce our company.

Proof of quality:

Through the coordinate measuring machine Crysta Apex S544 Mitutoyo, we can now also supply with measuring protocol the manufactured parts.

CNC Turning:

With our CNC lathes we can to edit 65mm rotary parts of the rod automatically and completely. The machines are equipped with a 12 - equipped trade revolver and with driven tools. A counter-spindle and Y-axis enables short cycle times and make some cases further machining on a milling machine unnecessary.

We manufacture precise and sophisticated turned parts as individual parts, small or large production runs with short delivery times and consistently high quality.

CNC Milling:

Years of experience, modern production techniques and machining centers, highly qualified and motivated employees are the basis of our performance. This allows us to present the desired results our customers quickly and inexpensively. Working in oscillation mode allows us to equalize loading times and increase output.

Wire EDM:

Our Wire EDM Sodick AQ 535L, it is possible to be able to offer ourselves to you in the field of precision cutting technology, our services.Precision components such as cutting tools, cutting punches, dies or highly accurate special components are manufactured by us.

- Only boards for determining stretched lengths and shapes for subsequent bending tools can be eroded and adjusted in the package.
- All electrically conductive materials can be processed.


The basis for a safe and good machining is not only a good material quality, but also a good blank. With our cutting precise cuts are realized with short cutting times. We saw our own production as well as in wages for other companies.

We offer to Sägezuschnitte from € 0.03 per cut.
The range of materials ranging from mild steel on non-ferrous metals to stainless steel.
Our state of the stocks enable us short delivery times for their Sägezuschnitte.


In order to offer production from one source, we have a welding robot available.Through this, a constant quality is ensured.

Device & toolmaking:

With our well-stocked machinery and many years of experience in tooling, we are able to create bending, punching and stamping tools. Our fixtures and special machines find their use in various industries.

Depending on customer requirements, we offer ready-made parts or just the tool. The further refinement of the products we take over for you.

The parts production in the field punching, bending and stamping can be held up 150to in-house.

Try us, we look forward to your orders!


Heinz Knöpfle Susanne Knöpfle Andreas Knöpfle Christian Knöpfle
Management Management Management Manage...

Company data
Year of foundation: 1979
Employees: < 5

No certificates
Kapellenweg 5
DE-86830 Schwabmünchen
DE-85570 Markt Schwaben (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
We are an owner-managed company, the engineering services, manufacturing, finishing, assembly and product delivery offers everything from a single source. This concerns both the wage and foreign manufacturing and the manufacturing our own special equipment for the paper and paperboard manufacturing industry as well as special solutions for safety-relevant area.
With our security products, we are also the owner of many national and international patents.
Our machinery is constantly being renewed and the education and training of our highly qualified staff are constantly adapted to customer requirements.
The high degree of vertical in almost all of the processing steps to make us a reliable A suppliers. Benefit also from the high Hennig and comprehensive know-how. Flexible and perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our CNC milling machines can sizes up to 3600 x 2200 mm 5-axis milling process at the Round Table has 500 mm.
The rotary department has combined rotary milling machines with Y axis and driven tools and sub spindle.
Sheet metal working medium format and folding up to 3000 mm.
Powder coating 3000 x 1200 x 2000 mm unit weight up to 1000 Kg
Final inspection with Zeiss measuring machine Accura

Company data
Year of foundation: 1986
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
Adalbert-Stifter-Weg 40
DE-85570 Markt Schwaben
DE-78600 Kolbingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

HIPP is a precision technology, founded in 1994 by German company that specializes in the production and sales of precision parts from all common metals and special materials.

The company has its headquarters in Tuttlingen and has quickly produce with all the desired contours and textures there an excellent infrastructure to precision parts.

The services of the company HIPP start at designs and advice. They range over the finished prototype addition, up to the pre-finished assembly.

HIPP supplies in small series as well as in large series. Warehousing, logistics and delivery in the kanban system, just-in-time deliveries include service as well as an uncompromising quality.

We offer a uniquely high degree of vertical and "one-stop"

Manufacture of rotary milling and laser parts
Assembly of components for automotive engineering
and Apparatus
Medical bone drill / bone nails / tools for medical
Mechanical machining parts with hard chrome / polished parts / galvanized / Inductive / honing all surfaces and heat treatments

Procurement of services

Company data
Year of foundation: 1994
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
EN ISO 13485
Wilhelmstraße 19
DE-78600 Kolbingen
DE-58675 Hemer (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
We finished quickly and reliably Your Parts. Our modern lathes with driven tools enable complex milling on face and lateral surface. Production of the rod diameter up to 45mm.
Company data
Year of foundation: 2013
Employees: < 5

Siemensstr. 8
DE-58675 Hemer
DE-28195 Bremen (Bremen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Industrial demand-dial offers a wide range of products, which leaves little to be desired:

Our produce CNC controlled cutting machines and edit the following products:
- Drums, rollers and shafts of any kind with surface finishing up to a diameter of about 3 m
- Complex components in any size with the required certificates and related approvals
- Repairs and repairs of complete machines and assemblies
- Castings and forgings in all materials and dimensions,
for B.kleine and large bronze bushings in centrifugal casting and other non-ferrous castings and
- Hard metals and aluminum cast with all the arrangements and for all uses
- Hydraulic parts and other complex structures also belong to our product range
Our trained specialist welding workers produce these products:
- Small and large weldments in steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous Metalenn with mechanical
Bearneitung and all dec and Zedugnissen
- Pipe processing degree are also on our products
Furthermore, we also offer engineering services for the renovation and repairs on site.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2008
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
DIN 18800-7:2008 Class D/E (maj ...
Obernstraße 18
DE-28195 Bremen
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Since 1995 we are in Leuna, "grown" steadily, particularly in the area
CNC Machining TURNING AD to 600 mm max. 2000 mm long.

We have specialized ourselves to individual parts and small series.
In addition to the classic tool steels we process TITAN, ALLOY ALUMINIUM, BRASS, STAINLESS STEEL

If required, including certificates APZ APZ 3.1 and 3.2 (TÜV approval) and
Ultrasonic tested components.

We look forward to your inquiries.

Sincerely yours

Company data
Year of foundation: 2011/1972
Employees: 10 - 20

EN 9100
ISO 9001:2008
Spergauer Straße 83 - 85
DE-06237 Leuna
CN-518105 Shen Zhen (Guangdong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Being ISO 9001:2000 certified in 2002,Jianfeng Precision Hardware Manufacturer is a manufacturer for precision metal and plastic components to customized specification with casting, machining, milling, drilling, grinding, turning and stamping of different fininshing, such as silver plating, golden plating, zinc-nickel plating, chrome plating, powder coating, anodizing, painting and heat treat. We have a team of customized solution for your precision components project from engineering design to production, and delivery and we have found three subsidiaries: Jianfeng Precision factory, Jianfeng Casting factory, Jianfeng Stamping and coiling factory .Our efficient technicient and adequate machinery enable us to satisfy your quick turnover order and one source with your complecated project since we have lost-wax casting metal processing ,CNC turning processing, to Stamping and coiling. We have also invested heavily in measuring equipments and quality management to produce consistently, meeting the specification and have developed a culture of “ sustaining improvement “ throughout the company .We can apply PPAP under customers requests. We are driving with our AIMS--effective cost quality products, on-time delivery ,timely and effecient communication,We believe we can be your trusty partner ! JianFeng precision factory Established in 1995, specializes in various precision metal parts, relying on automatic lathes, CNC lathes,machining center, cylindrical grinding machine imported from Japan and Taiwan. The products include mini motor axis, brass couplings, brass base, and all sorts of turning parts that are widely used in the manufacture of computer, electric appliances,automobile, communication equipment,lock,LED aluminum crust and electric toys etc…the materials are brass, aluminum, POM,carbon steel and stainless steel,ect. JianFeng casting factory Established in 1997 , offering a complete service since we have over 15 years casting experience .We had provides investment castings for a wide range of industries, including commercial equipment, automotive, defense, firearms, sporting goods, hand and power tools, medical equipment and architectural hardware. Casting sizes ranging from.2mm-500mm, Rough to finish-machined. Materials handled include stainless steel, iron, aluminum. JianFeng stamping and coiling factory Established in 1998,custom manufacturer of stampings ,springs. Specializing in quantities from 25 to 25,000 pieces per run. Material thicknesses from 0.005 in. to 0.375 in.. Blank size capacity unlimited. Capabilities include wire cutting Drilling, tapping, sinking, welding, deburring & assembly are done in-house. We’ve provided stamped components and srpings to electronics industrial, automotive, medical, electronics appliance markets.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1995
Employees: 200 - 500

ISO 9001:2008
Yangyong Industrial Area, Shapu Village, Songgang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China
CN-518105 Shen Zhen
CN-250100 Jinan (Shandong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Jinan Echo metal products Co., Ltd., focuses on exporting OEM parts to the European market for more than 11 years. Our factory is located in Jinan City, capital of Shandong province, near Qingdao sea port in North China. We have over 110 employees with an area of 7,000sqm.
There are 8 engineers whose background is stamping, machining and casting. Our sale department has 5 commercial employees whose major is international business. The production and machinery are controlled by skillful, experienced workers.

In house we produce stamping, welding, machining and assembling parts. We have our own tooling department for developing and repairing our tools. Besides these departments we have our own quality check department and packaging department, all outgoing parts are checked and packed before they leave our company.

In order to stay competitive, we have brought in a lot of new machines including progressive tools automation pressing punch, 3D machining center, CNC control lathe and automatic welding machine. In the near future we can even offer Robot welding.

Besides our own in house production we have built up an extensive network of high quality and reliable subcontractors who are focused on; forging, sand casting, investment casting, aluminum gravity casting, high pressure casting, aluminum extrusion, plastic injection and so on. With most of these factories we cooperate for more than 8 years.

Your correlative enquiry will be appreciated, please be assured that we are your successful cooperator in the future.

Below you will find the list of our technological possibilities

Production Possibilities

In-house we can offer
- Conventional stamping machine
o 9 x ranging from 16 till 160 ton
- Hydraulic stamping machine
o 1 x of 100 ton
- Progressive stamping lines
o 2 x till 200 ton
- cutting
o 1 x Portable CNC liner cutting machine
o 1 x Plasma cutter
o 4 x Wire cutter
o 4 x Metal saw
o 1 x Hydraulic sheet metal shear
- machining
o 11 x CNC machining lathe
o 4 x CNC machining centre
o 8 x Conventional lathe
o 5 x Conventional milling machine
o 3 x conventional grinding machine
- Drilling
o 16 x Bench type drilling machine
o 3 x Radial type drilling machine
o 2 x Flow drill
- Welding
o 11 x Co2 welding machine
o 1 x TIG welding machine
o 2 x Automated welding machine (MIG/MAG)
o 1 x Robot welder (ABB 1400)
- Bending
o 1 x Automated hydraulic plate bending machine
o 1 x Semi automated hydraulic tube bending machine
- Surface treatments
o 2 x Spiral vibration grinding machine
o 2 x Ball blasting machine
o 1 x Ultrasonic cleaner
o 1 x Wet paint facility
o 1 x Powder coating facility
o 1 x ball polishing machine
- Assembly department
- Packaging department
- Quality department

Besides our in-house abilities we have an extensive network of companies in the field of:
- Hot and Cold Forging
o Open die forging
o Closed die forging
o precision forging (including gear forging)
- metal casting
o sand casting
o wax lost casting
o gravity casting
o high/low pressure casting
o deluxe investment casting
o regular investment casting
- Aluminium extrusion
- Heat treatment
o Annealing
o Hardening and tempering
- Plastic injection
- Surface treatments:
o Galvanising(including passivating)
o Hot dip galvanising
o Cataphoretic coating
o Anodising
o Polishing
o Chroming
o Dacromet coating
Company data
Year of foundation: 1998
Employees: 100 - 200

No certificates
Building No.5 Huacheng Industry Park, No.8 Dingjiazhuang South Road, Jinan 250100, China
CN-250100 Jinan
DE-78564 Wehingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Manufacture of precision machined parts and milling parts from all machinable materials.

CNC turning (up to D 90 mm ​​rod)
CNC turning (up to 250 mm in the feed)
CNC long turning
CNC multi-spindle turning (32 axes)
CNC Machining Centers (5-Axis)

Batch sizes up to 1000 pieces .... Piece
including all subsequent operations up to the assembly

In the field of machining there are many different ways of working. One is the CNC machining. Through this method, the milled parts get even complicated 3D contours. The CNC machining is done with machines with up to 8 axes. CNC turned parts can be made of different materials. For machining titanium, copper, brass, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials are suitable. Rotating parts in general can assume unusual shapes. In particular, the CNC milled parts often see pretty spectacular. Through its 3D contours CNC turned parts have a special effect.The machining is extremely versatile. Machining technology is used in various fields. Lathe parts, especially CNC lathe parts, are very expensive to manufacture. To produce a CNC lathe part, one special machines and more time than the normal CNC turned parts needed.

The machining and especially the CNC machining requires a good education in the field. The partially very complex turned parts and just the CNC lathe parts require a tremendous expertise. A single CNC lathe part caused enormous amount of time. For these special turned parts, a particularly accurate work is absolutely necessary. For the purposes of machining are all chip forming materials. Depending on the material, the cutting is performed with different speeds. Are the turned parts made of wood, the cutting is done with high cutting speed and without cooling lubricants.Turned parts made of plastics, however, are processed at medium cutting speed. When machining water or alcohol are used for cooling. A special product from the metal cutting machines is the rotating part. Such automatic turned parts can be made ​​from almost all machinable materials. Just like the CNC long turning parts of the screw-cutting without technical knowledge can not be produced. All machined parts require special machinery for the production. Rotating parts are to be finished by hand hardly. Are the turned parts made of wood or plastic, the machining is possibly still done manually, but with harder materials the use of expensive machining is necessary. To establish automatic turned parts, can not be dispensed with the machines. Automatic turned parts are usually ordered in enormous quantities and from extremely strong materials. Also for CNC turned parts is similar. This machining is simply too specific.

CNC turned parts requiring extreme precision. Turned parts of this type are mainly used in machine and plant engineering. These industries would not do without CNC turned parts, turned parts, and the entire range of machining technology. Milling Services, CNC turned parts, turned parts, and just such special products as a CNC lathe part are absolute precision products. As simple as the concept sounds cutting, this process but it is not. Cutting sounds like simple separation that hide behind it but also things like complex CNC turned parts or automatic turned parts, no one thinks at first. Without these highly intricate parts, especially without the screw-cutting work would be impossible in some areas.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1938
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 14001
VDA 6.1
Wengenstraße 16
DE-78564 Wehingen
DE-48477 Hörstel - Bevergern (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
We are an industrial and commercial agency with direct suppliers and production facilities in Poland, Czech Republic, China, Italy, Taiwan, India, Turkey and Germany.
We design and produce together with our partners to our customers in the following areas:

Welded structures such as caddies, storage racks, long-product pallets.
Steel construction, welding in general. Surfaces such as rays, galvanizing, painting, powders.

Sheet metal processing all materials:
CNC punching, nibbling, edges, laser welding, cutting
Fully automated bending center, powder coating,
Deep drawing, laser cutting, punching from coil, components,
Services according to customer requirements

Turned parts, milled parts made of all materials

Castings and their processing

Plastic injection molded parts up to 2,500 grams weighing, + Toolmaking
Extrusion plastic profiles
Aluminum profiles and their processing

Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, control boxes and control cabinets completely

Agricultural Engineering

Bent wire parts


Bend and process tubes

Company data
Year of foundation: 1986
Employees: < 5

ISO 9001:2008
Seilerstraße 30
DE-48477 Hörstel - Bevergern
IN-361004 JAMNAGAR (Gujarat)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)





PLOT NO 4069,
TELEFAX : 0091-288-2731022
MOBILE : 0091-95581 18825
Company data
Year of foundation: 1995
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
DE-72793 Pfullingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Your specialist in the field of machine tools, fixtures and test equipment.

With our motivated team, modern machines based on a powerful CAD-CAM system, we can meet the demands you meet.

Our product range punching and bending parts includes:

Stamped and bent parts in the range 0.2 mm - 2.0 mm, and wire bending parts up to a diameter of 2mm.

With our program we offer our customers
0-series production
Series production
Prefabricated units

Our product range in the tool and equipment includes:

Punching tools
Punching Bending Tools
smaller-drawing tools
Wire bending tools
General Jig

Our tool provides tools in the form of punching bending; mainly produces for its own production forming tools;-progressive-pull and.In addition, devices are created to customer specifications, are used in a wide-ranging area.

Our product range includes test equipment:

Measuring and test adapter for electronic components

The area Prüfmittelerstellung mainly includes the production of components for testing electronic and mechanical components.

Optimized workflow with innovative processing strategies allows our CAM system as a link between design and production to date.Thus we meet the growing demands for high precision requirements already today and are also well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

About CAM we program our machines in the 2.5 D 3 to D
5-axis simultaneous machining.

System employed: HyperMill of Open Mind

Milling is an important part of our range of services:
- Subcontracting
- 3D milled parts as function design pattern
- Hard milling up to 65 HRC
- HSC milling
- Einzelteil-/Kleinserienfertigung
- Functional prototypes to customer data from all machinable materials
- 5-axis complete, 5-axis simultaneous machining

Around the turn we are very agile:
- Subcontracting
- Einzelteil-/Kleinserienfertigung
- Functional prototypes to customer data from all machinable materials

Tooling in Baden-Württemberg

Company data
Year of foundation: 1976
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Uhlandstr 60
DE-72793 Pfullingen
DE-50170 Kerpen (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Master. Challenge China with our support

Kurtenbach operates an on procurement and quality assurance specialist office in China. Our German engineers and economists are your extended arm in the Far East. The proximity of the supplier allows you timely delivery of goods, assured quality and precise solutions to problems.

Take advantage of our existing infrastructure for your business. Kurtenbach sits with its own procurement office in Qingdao, the Chinese city with one of the most efficient ports in the world. Our German and Chinese experts work together for your success.

Discuss your requirements and ideas with our technically trained personnel in German. The daily communication, reports and logs are written in German for you. The communication with the individual officers of the suppliers is in Chinese, to ensure that your message arrives and is not lost in translation.

We put our capacity, our know-how and infrastructure for your daily business available.

No certificates
Glockenring 7
DE-50170 Kerpen
DE-49439 Steinfeld (Niedersachsen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The specialists for plastic

LAMP plastic processing worked for 30 years

Since already nearly 30 years, the company lamp Steinfeld is active in the field of plastics processing. In addition to the machining of all plastics, Verklebearbeiten or installation also includes the production of molding tools for PU materials to the field of activity of the traditional company. Here, the Fa.Lampe has particularly specialized in the machining of soft to medium-hard polyurethanes. PU or PU seals, rollers, pulleys, fittings, buffers, insulating panels are sanded on modern CNC machines, turned and milled.
Engineering plastics such as PA6, PE300, PE1000, POM, PP or PVC can be produced in various dimensions by turning and / or milling.
In addition, engrave and mill the trained staff highly individual unique pieces as well as small and large series in various materials - all of course according to the wishes of the customer.
On modern machines, CNC and cycle controlled, but also quite conventional, the highly qualified employees manufacture high quality plastic products. Especially in the field of polyurethane processing have specialists lamp plastic machining the necessary know-how.
Furthermore, since 2008, the company provides its customers with a new technique: using a water jet cutting machine all materials can be cut to a size of 1,000 x 1,000 mm. Of course, individual parts and small series are fast and cost to the individual customer specifications geschnitten.Eine laser engraving system expanded since the beginning of the machinery operation, so that the spectrum of the cutting and surface processing could still be significantly increased.

Our offer for you includes:
- Manual and mechanical rework your polyurethane or semi-finished blanks by turning, cylindrical grinding, milling, water jet cutting, deburring, etc.
- Complete fabrication of components from drawings made of rubber, PU, ​​PU, ​​PE, PA, POM, PP, PVC and other engineering plastics.
- Rework of injection molded parts (control, deburring, etc.)
- Mounting of components, such as bushings or ball bearing mount.
- Bonding of plastic components, possibly with metal.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1985
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Bergmannstrasse 15
DE-49439 Steinfeld
DE-42579 Heiligenhaus (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Sand and permanent mold casting
Separate form and tool
Self development and construction
Sand-and-mold-cast aluminum
Hand and machine castings
CNC milling and turning technology in 3D

Company data
Year of foundation: 1980
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
ISO-TS 16949:2009
DE-42579 Heiligenhaus
DE-71636 Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
We are a service provider for the mechanical manufacturing and processing of products using CNC lathes and milling machines (mechanical traverse 700 mm). Our activities include contract manufacturing of parts (prototypes) to small series and all other mechanical work.

Whether conventional or CNC machining, through our years of experience, we guarantee you the most economical manufacturing methods.

Of course we will help you from shortages due to rapid deliveries.

Customer orientation, quality and service are very important to us.
We focus our efforts on your individual needs.

Company data
Employees: < 5

No certificates
Kammererstraße 13
DE-71636 Ludwigsburg
CZ-57201 Policka (Ceská Republika)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Small and therefore flexible mechanical engineering manufacturer, strong in small series of various metal items which requires a handwork (equipped with CNC lathes and man-operated milling machines and grinders) and capable of welding aluminium and stainless steel, working with profiles, metal sheets, etc.

We love to make precise welded assemblies, especially from aluminum and stainless steel.

We also like to make single-purpose machines, including electrical or hydraulic parts, even being developed without drawings.

We offer:

- turning
- milling
- welding
- other technologies
Company data
Year of foundation: 1992
Employees: 10 - 20

E. Benese 483
CZ-57201 Policka
DE-17291 Nordwestuckermark OT Parmen (Brandenburg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The MMC Retzlaff Instant Service

An end to the frustrating and expensive plant and machine downtime!
The MMC Retzlaff instant service helps you instantly and easily to provide even elaborate and complex parts. Give us a try! We guarantee the fastest delivery despite (to 78 percent within 24 hours) a pass accuracy of 99 percent!
From individual parts to micro and Kleinsererien - our design department will accompany you liked in the preparation process-and cost-optimized production lines for your needs.
We work on almost all materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, brass, copper and plastics).

Our Services

• CNC turning with the front and backside processing
• CNC milling
• conventional milling
• Cylindrical grinding - inside and out
• Surface grinding
• Ständerbohrwerk
• hardening / tempering

We guarantee on-time delivery of the highest quality!

What you can expect from us:

• Advice / assistance in material selection,
• Information on job status during the execution,
• variability in the processing sequence,
• Possibility of partial deliveries,
• Welding Company,
• Extensive experience in machinery, tools and equipment;
• individual adaptation to demand,
• extensive editing,
• expertise in related areas (hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, mechanical engineering),
• Order complete machining with shipping and quality documentation

Company data
Year of foundation: 1992
Employees: 50 - 100

DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
Kastanienallee 4
DE-17291 Nordwestuckermark OT Parmen
DE-78132 Hornberg (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
You are looking for a supplier being able to process high quality turning and milling parts in time? You expect your supplier to implement your technical innovations in a professional way? Our team -consisting of 20 excellent qualified staff- is looking forward to implement the whole process after your requirements. The services at a glance: - Turning and milling parts from 80 to 450 mm in diameter - Sawing up to 450 mm in diameter - Line production thanks to modernist automation - Batch production and mid-sized production - Materials: steel of all type, aluminium, brass, plastics Let yourself convince of our outstanding services. Therefore we are pleased to get you to know personally. Please feel free to contact your competent contact person Mr. Stevo Vinovrski for any enquiries, information and questions. He will be fond of assisting you. Production As we use the latest automation engineering we are able to turn and to mill line productions up to 450 mm in diameter. At this we apply materials of all types- also in batch production and middle production. We provide complete solutions to our customers not least because of our capability in sawing the materials up to 450 mm as well.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1998
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
In der Hausmatte 4
DE-78132 Hornberg
DE-66424 Homburg (Saar) (Saarland)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

Established in 1994, we mainly manufacture today for the steel plant and •.

Our team consists of 12 specialists from various fields.

• Drehtechnik
• Welding Technology
• Flame cutting
• Plasma cutting
• cuts on plate shears or saw
• Rollers
• Bending
• CNC turning
• CNC Milling
• Welding TIG, MIG, MAG
• Machining
• Milling


Cylindrical grinding
• Max. D400 x 1500

Sheet metal & steel construction
• Bending
• Cut
• Welding
• Rollers

Company data
Year of foundation: 1994
Employees: 10 - 20

Bexbacher Str. 53
DE-66424 Homburg (Saar)
DE-36199 Rotenburg/F (Hessen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Multi Service
We are partners of the industry

Multi Service was founded in 1989 and currently employs 25 staff. Since its inception, multi-service is in family hands.

The main activities of multi-service on the areas of:
• Machining: CNC / stainless steel Technology / Welding Technology / Grinding Technology
• Wet paint GRP and metal parts
• Quality assurance as sort, check and measure
• project management as sort, assemble, test and package of customer products
• Tank cleaning as KLT, rotational stack covers, inlets, folding boxes and thermoformed parts
• Small parts cleaning metals and non-metals
Among the renowned clientele of multi-service include:
• Continental Automotive
• Polytec Group
• GIA system NL
• Neumayer Tekfor
• ae-Group
• Otto Kind GmbH
• Artego kitchens
• Siemens AG
• Wegu
• Behle Beschlagtechnik
• and many more


A small selection of the equipment, multiservice:
• Production and storage areas separately for the surface treatment and painting
• manual manual workstations for quality assurance, packaging, sorting
• Continuity wash with technical drying of container cleaning
• Small parts washer with drying technical
• Extensive measurement equipment for quality assurance
• CNC high-speed 5-axis machining centers
• CNC Horizontal Lathes
• Round tube bending machine
• Approx. 13,000 square meters of open space
• Approx. 4,500 square meters of production and warehouse space
• Experienced, qualified and trained personnel
• Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

As a family provides multiservice a high degree of responsibility, flexibility and reliability. 23 years
Experience and the trust of renowned customers determine the business of multi-service.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1989
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Dickenrücker Straße 7
DE-36199 Rotenburg/F
CN-210018 Nanjing (Jiangsu)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
NYCMC is a consortium of contract manufacturers in the east of China, specialized in metal works, diecasting, forging and nonmetal mouldings. We have ten years experience in cooperation with worldwide customers and established an effective process flow: check of drawings or samples and analysis of manufacturability, issue of quotations, design, tools and moulds production, samples and prototype production, test of samples and feedback to customer. If necessary we made a moulds / tools correction and feedback to customer again. After approvement we start batch production, arrange the shipment and logistics (FOB Shanghai or CIF seaport or DDP place appointed). Tailoring China manufacturing to foreign customer needs, we have a professional team aspiring to perfection. Just send us a request to get a quotation.
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 5 - 10

Room A4309, New World Center, 88 Zhujiang Road
CN-210018 Nanjing
CN-315100 Ningbo (Zhejiang)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
As an engineering-oriented Chinese OEM & ODM specialist, Ningbo United Machine Co.,Ltd. supplys and exports quality custom-manufactured parts to the global market. It owns more than 20 factories which are dedicated to fabricate, source and distribute a great variety of mechanical components including forging, casting,stamping, plastic and complete machined parts widely used in the fields of aerospace, computer,electric & electronic, automotive, railway, hydraulic & pneumatic, mining, construction equipment and marine, etc. Based on our ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturing system, we believe that we can supply quality products and offer competitive price to strongly support you in the market. For your reference, we are supplying parts to Renault, Volvo, Alstom, France Telecom, GM, Ford, Amsted, Ametek, Cequent , etc. customers. We offer OEM parts with below process: 1. Casting, Investment casing, Lost wax casting, Sand casting, Die casting, 2. Forging 3. Stamping ,punching,fabrication 4. Injection moulding 5. Turning 6. Milling 7. Drilling 8. Welding 8. Other Machining process
Company data
Year of foundation: 1987
Employees: 500 - 1000

ISO 14001
ISO-TS 16949:2009
A1709 HeBang Building, No.933 Tiantong North Road
CN-315100 Ningbo
DE-78048 Villingen-Schwenningen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

For over 10 years we have been a supplier to the industry. Our customers include companies with inhouse CNC production department. We are specialists in the production of turned parts. Whether sample parts or electrodes for mold making, small series or connecting parts, with us you have your projects under control.

We manufacture turned parts on modern CNC machine tools (including C axis). (Working range: D = D = 2mm to 350mm, maximum turning length 800 mm..) Look at the examples shown and take it with us.

Whether it is a sketch or data in DXF, DWG, etc. format, fax or the classic post, does not matter for us. Submit your requests as desired one.

We are looking forward to your "problems" and waiting for your message.

We provide rotational parts using off the shelf D 6-52 mm, lining parts up D250 mm, max turning length 500 mm. In small batches, 1 to about 2000 pcs, we produce on Mazak CNC machine tools with driven tools, so that various milling operations are possible.

Especially as electrodes specialists, we are highly appreciated by our customers from mold-making industry in the region. We provide the best quality and always "just in time", because our motto is quality at reasonable prices to deliver on time.

Our small business makes it economical and flexible working as well as on
individually and quickly address the needs of customers.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1998
Employees: < 5

No certificates
Am Krebsgraben 15
DE-78048 Villingen-Schwenningen
DE-72401 Haigerloch-Gruol (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

PRECISION in form and function

CNC complete processing

all heat treatments
and coating process

Since its founding in 1973 by Helmut Pfister we operate numerous, well-known companies with precision turning and milling parts. Thanks to its expertise and entrepreneurial commitment, Pfister precision technology developed to a powerful and reliable supply business.

Through the active company introduction of the youngest son in 1990 paved the way for a continued stable existence of the company Pfister were asked early on.
In 2002, the senior management of the company handed over to his son Frank Pfister.

Our expertise lies in the comprehensive complete machining of many materials, including all heat treatments and coating process. The respective specific needs of the client is the benchmark of our work. This is true for series production as well as for the item or custom-made according to customer requirements.

We strive to provide our customers with products and services of high quality are available which correspond to the state of the art and the intended purpose.

Our range of parts

Turned parts - Milling - Turning Milling


Cone of material Stellite 6
Sleeves made of 42CrMo4
Distribution cone of aluminum
Worm shafts, drive shafts, spindles
Eccentric bushings
Tooth socket from material 16MnCr5
Tempered shaft material 42CrMo4
Expanding mandrel, component of individual components, wave, expansion sleeve, etc.
Blade guide made of tool steel
Housing made of aluminum blank
Housing flange from St52
Flange of C45
Cover made of high-strength aluminum
Adapter Rings
Jack of material 31CrMoV9
Remunerated segments of material 42CrMo4

Company data
Year of foundation: 1973
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2000
Gewerbeweg 2
DE-72401 Haigerloch-Gruol
DE-32312 Lübbecke (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Since 2005 we develop with our partner companies, new approaches and innovative solutions for the production of technical parts and assemblies. Our slogan "New Thinking! New action! New ways! ", We carry a competent and reliable contribution to your company's success. We advise our customers both during the product development process as well as the optimization of existing products in terms of the structural design, as well as on the use of suitable production methods and materials.
We specialize in rotary swaging, spin forming, cold forging, machining (cutting all kinds), sintering, MIM, hot forging, stamping, deep drawing, sheet metal forming of all kinds, die-cast zinc, cast aluminum, cast iron, fasteners, ductile iron, cast iron and lots more!
We enable potential costs through the re-design of your purchasing parts with the help of TRIZ methods, value analysis and Attributive sourcing.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2005
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Westerhang 35
DE-32312 Lübbecke
CH-4654 Lostorf (Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
proXplus AG manufactures castings and custom parts in China for SMEs.

- Product testing by Swiss engineer on site in Asia
- We are responsible for the quality, regulatory investigations, logistics, etc.

Our competencies:
- Sand casting, metal casting, investment casting, ferrous metal casting
- Turning and milling parts, sheet metal parts
- Springs, bent wire parts
- Rolling, drawing bearings, gears
- Plastic: Injection molding and milled parts
- Electrical Industrial Products
starting at medium volumes

We have our own warehouse in Switzerland and agents in Germany and Austria

Take advantage of our offer and successfully import from Asia!

Company data
Year of foundation: 2009
Employees: 5 - 10

Sonnhaldenstrasse 10
CH-4654 Lostorf
AT-1230 Wien (Ostösterreich)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Our customers are offered everything they need within our group of companies, all in one basket: from development and project management via the production of tools for plastic and metal fabrication, through to manufacturing the parts.

In this way we closely co-operate with our customers in developing functional structural plastic and metal components on the basis of the design, thereby achieving an optimum combination between plan, design, manufacture, and cost structure.

The integrated possibilities have enabled us substantially to shorten the project run up to the point of series production. The systems Pro-engineer and Catia, available to our staff, permit the creation of structural components and tools, "in one casting" as it were.

Injection Moulds Our staff in the individual manufacturing areas have state-of-the-art technologies and most up-to-date machines (such as 12-wire and 15-wire cavity sinking EDM machines) at their disposal. In producing moulds with a guaranteed number of shots, especially for the automobile industry and consumer electronics, our dictum is precision and quality.

This holds true for injection moulds, diecasting, duroplastic, two-component, rotating, transfer and insert/outsert moulds, just as much as it does for two-colour moulds, combinations of hard and soft plastics, automatic wire leads, in-mould decoration, and precision gear wheels.

Rapid tooling with the aid of our EOS metal sintering machine M250 Extended makes it possible to produce mould inserts for injection moulds and prototype tools within a very short time.

Eighty moulding machines in Vienna and Hungary, with a clamping force of between 25 and 1,100 tons, offer all the possibilities of manufacturing moulded, thermosetting and duroplast, gas-injection moulded, two-component moulded, insert and outsert moulded, as well as in-mould decoration parts.

Our machines are equipped with automatic robot systems, and automatic packaging lines complement the production line.

Vienna: 3-shift operation / technical products and precision parts with a mould clamping force of up to 500 tons,

Hungary: 4-shift operation / technical products and design parts with a mould clamping force of up to 1,100 tons.

Your plastic parts are coated in three fully automated painting lines on a water-soluble basis (single-component or two-component coating).

Your metal parts are electrostatically painted, from the smallest parts up to housing coatings for consumer electronics.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1966
Employees: > 1000

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001
Kirchfeldgasse 69
AT-1230 Wien
DE-63801 Kleinostheim (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
RMB GmbH have been working on the development,
construction and manufacturing of special machines and
plants for over a decade.

The firm was founded in 1993 as manufacturing company
under the name of PMT GmbH. Early 1995 the management
decided to expand and to discover new markets. The
assembly of production groups and plants was integrated in
production programme and a certification by DIN ISO 9000
was done.

In 1998 the name of the company was changed into RMB GmbH.
Today a flexible team consisting of developers,
constructors and production specialists work with most modern
technical equipment on an area over 1,200 square meters.
We guarantee solutions, exactly made on your requirements
in the fields of engineering, construction and production. Our
success is proved by our customers which granted us the title
“Best supplier of the year”.

Responsibility is a substantial key-word in connection with
special machine production. Complex high-tech production-
units for innovative products from various fields are our
We undertake advising and planning responsibility, from the
production till the final assembly. The great experience from
the various technologies is our advantage.

- 3D-CAD planning / design (Solid Works; Solid Edge)
- Simulation
- High vacuum engineering
- Vacuum technology
- Sputtering
- Pneumatics
- Hydraulics
- Automated technology
- Control unit manufacturing

With a network of high-specialised sub-suppliers all over
Europe we offer complete project-management from the
beginning till the delivery of the final product. Our customers
will have substantial advantages in organising. There is a
project-manager, who co-ordinates and controls everything.
He is in charge of a quick information flow and reports
steadily about the status of the project. The flexible and
made-to-measure power performance is a matter of course
for us and our assistants.

Exact planning is decisive for later development. Here
the targets are fixed and co-ordinated with the specific

The nearly 100 % function as well as the non-failure
guarantee are also included as well as the optimal
ergonomically timed operating elements and last but
not least an attractive machine design which fits to
the image and the statements of your company.

All components together lead to innovative products
which enables you to realize your product ideas.

To fit various components to one piece,
to optimise the interfaces and so to be
responsible for the complete function
of a complex machine is one of RMB
Technologies basic competences. The
interfaces to the technical production
units are done by a powerful 3D-
construction and simulation-software.

With todays production-technologies precision
is not only a solution promise but a fact of daily
work. With our high-tech machine park we are
very well equipped to manufacture unique parts
within strict tolerances.

Our range of products contains manufacturing
of unique parts, small and middle batches as
well as the realisation of prototypes. Our point
of main effort is the handling and working with
special steel, nonferrous metals, casting
material and plastics.

The future starts now in the presence.
Re-Development and to be always one
step ahead, is an important policy in our
company. This is reached on the one
hand by steady improvement and by
using the newest production technologies
on the other hand.

Our suppliers are consequently attended
to and professionally supported by
QM-systems that fulfill our demands.
To satisfy our own high standards,
QM-system on the basis of DIN EN ISO
9001 was introduced and will be up-dated
Company data
Year of foundation: 1998
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Lindigtraße 8
DE-63801 Kleinostheim
DE-75239 Eisingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

Production of turned parts with a diameter of 0.4 mm to 25.5 mm and lengths up to 195mm.

We will process all non-ferrous metals / non-ferrous metals: brass, aluminum, copper, nickel silver etc. Our editor also includes any rotating steels and steels. Cutting steel, carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, for example, 4104, 4305, 4306, 4301, 4401, 4571 etc.

Plastic, Teflon, Pom, Delrin, Acrylic, titanium machining, as well as precious metals gold, silver, platinum.

Processing methods:
Our machinery consists mainly of cam-type machines (Strohm - SJ).

Delivery program:
Poppet valve needle valve screw, set screw, plunger, piston rods, threaded spindle, ball pins, tips for writing instruments, clip elements, trim rings, handles, pens, Steckvebindungen, solder pins, plugs, sleeves, caps, pistons, bushings, washers, rings, valve seats, screw , nuts, cones, tubes, sleeve, shaft, axle, stopper, spool, spring plate, pin, roller, pin, choke bolts, nozzles, screws, diaphragms, spindle, cap screws, pins, etc.

Heat treatment processes and surface coating:
In addition, we offer the usual heat treatment processes such as hardening, case hardening nitriding, nitro-carburizing, etc. for all items.

Also all known surface treatments such as chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, gold plating, silver plating, thick film passivation or bronzing of us are offered. Special requests are fulfilled by us.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1963
ISO 9001:2008
Weberstrasse 50
DE-75239 Eisingen
DE-42653 Solingen (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Since its founding in 1985, the Thomas Samulski GmbH manufactures mechanical components and assemblies.

Our range of services covers the CNC turning and CNC milling, and the production of small Schweißbaugruppen.Die assembly manufacturing and 5-axis milling takes on an ever greater role.

In close cooperation with specialized partners, our range of services also includes centerless grinding, laser machining, hardening and all common surface refinements such as galvanizing, burnishing, anodizing, painting etc.

The Samulski Thomas GmbH supplies a wide range of industries such as mechanical engineering, equipment / apparatus, the testing / measuring equipment, the lighting industry, the construction industry, the automotive industry, as well as tool manufacturers.

A team of experienced and motivated staff put us in a position to react flexibly to customer needs. Regardless of whether it is a simple component or a challenging assembly, we provide pre-finished quality. Give us a try!

Company data
Year of foundation: 1985
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Lindgesfeld 10
DE-42653 Solingen
AT-9556 Liebenfels (Südösterreich)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Company data
Year of foundation: 0
Employees: 20 - 50

Lebmach 32
AT-9556 Liebenfels
CN-300201 Tianjin (Tianjin)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Since 1989, we've supplied machined, stamped and cast parts and assemblies to Motorola, API-Deltran (Koll Morgan), API-Getty (Elwood) and Wabash Controls. Danahe, Soloflex and other North American and European companies come to us too. We also offer plastic molded and rubber parts, as well as magnets and assemblies. There are five experienced senior engineers in our company. We can do engineering coordination and arrangements, production control, quality control, such as PPAP, SPC, per ISO9000 and QS9000, etc. We accept samples, drawings, and electronic format drawings, such as scanned drawings, PRO/E format, AutoCAD format, and Solidworks format. We can even help our customers to improve and finalize their designs with cost saving and feasible processes when requested. And as today's demand, we issue prompt production status information to our customers at weekly basis. Customer satisfaction has been our only service criteria.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1989
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2000
ISO-TS 16949:2002
Winson Plaza, Suite A17E, 146 Weidi Road, Hexi Dist
CN-300201 Tianjin
BG-9009 Varna (Balgarija)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The company manufactures complex parts and details for the defense and machine building industries. The large quantity and different types of machines allow us to offer machining of all kinds of details in any quantities.

Tcherno More Co Varna is the successor of a state owned enterprise established since 1966 for production of civil and defense radar equipment.
Now, Tcherno More Co is a joint stock company, where 100% of the shares are owned by private shareholders.

The company is specialized in design, production and trade with:

Sea and River Navigation Radar Systems for Large and Small Ships, Ground Radar for Automatic Detection, Tracking and Identification of Moving Ground Targets, Coastal Radar Systems, Airport Surface Movement Radars, Integrated Multisensor Systems for Surveillance and Protection and others.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1966
Employees: 200 - 500

ISO 9001:2008
Vl. Varnenchik Blvd. 256
BG-9009 Varna
TR-26140 Eskisehir (Istanbul)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
TORAMANTEC is a modern and forward-looking company with qualified personnel in Turkey.

Our team includes experienced engineers for its own quality assurance at the different production sites, so we can guarantee the highest quality.

You benefit from the favorable production costs of our partners and have it 24/7 accessible German-speaking staff on site.

From order to delivery
We are searching for the most suitable manufacturer for your product and monitor the timely production locally.

As our customer, have our professionals the permanent control over the production of their products, you can intervene at any time in the planning and production process and, if necessary, checked on the spot.

You order directly from their chosen us according to your criteria manufacturers, we take over for you then have complete control over the entire project and production to delivery.

Our range of services
TORAMANTEC offers the complete project management from a single source. This includes a comprehensive market research, extensive consultations in the planning phase and a continuous monitoring of the production process. During the entire project, you have a German contact person who stands up for all your needs. We obtain the market economic optimum for the complete procurement process for you.

We relieve and support your procurement department to help in the search for the best manufacturers and run after a thorough supplier evaluation together with the most appropriate suppliers and producers. You achieve real competitive advantages over your competitors by the favorable purchase prices.

Quality assurance
We monitor the quality of your products from design to delivery.Our qualified engineers constantly monitor the production locally. We assist you with the technical pre-purchase directly from the manufacturer. Of course we offer in the case of complaints on fast assistance.

We handle the complete logistics from trusted business partners and to guarantee reliable and timely delivery. Goods are delivered to most cities in Europe, take an average of one week.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2013
Employees: 5 - 10

Osmangazi Mah. / Behic Beyler Sok No:30
TR-26140 Eskisehir
CN-430074 Wuhan (Hubei)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The Tri-Ring Group Corporation is one of the largest automotive suppliers in China. In a total of 17 production sites in Hubei Province, China various motor vehicles are produced.

As a 100% subsidiary of Tri-Ring Group Corporation in Europe, we are concentrating in the areas of business:

- Import, export and development of automotive accessories and automotive parts
- Provision of consultancy services as well as services in the above areas otherwise

ISO-TS 16949:2002
ISO 9001:2008
33 # Jiayuan Road, Büro Deutschland: Mendelssohnstr. 72, 60325, Frankfurt am Main
CN-430074 Wuhan
CH-4554 Etziken (Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The Urben and Kyburz AG is a company of machining, mechanical industry. As a manufacturer of high precision components in the medium-and large-series range, the company supplies an internationally very demanding clientele.
With 120 employees and a modern machine, we offer a complete, cutting, machining in medium-and large-series range.
What procedures are offered?
CNC turning, precision turning, hard turning, CNC milling and drilling, grinding (outside, inside, centerless, honing, polishing, lapping, center, trowallisieren), brushes and spaces.
For heat treatments, we work with qualified partners.
Which part dimensions we?
Everything what you still need neither a magnifying glass, a crane! Expressed in figures, this means:
Rotational parts: 10 mm - 250 mm in diameter and a maximum length of 600mm.
Cubic parts: up to max. 200 x 250 x 300 mm
What precision do we offer?
Highest precision is and has always been the great strength of Urben + Kyburz AG. With highly motivated and dedicated employees and the appropriate resources, we produce daily precision parts in the micro-region of all common materials.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1958
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
Bahnweg 6
CH-4554 Etziken
IT-24127 Via Gianbattista Moroni 240/D (Lombardia)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Mi-Te-Co Srl produces mechanically machined parts for well-known companies in Europe and is highly specialised in production of cavity filters, manifold and milled heat-sink from customer’s design.
Our know-how is supported with the last hardware and software as well as the top of today’s machining technology.
We’re also able to provide Nickel-, Silver- or Gold- plated parts and establish relation with die casting companies in order to supply finished parts.
With more than 20years of activity we’ve been providing products and services for our satisfied customers.
Companies looking for high-quality and advanced products as well as services and consulting will find in Mi-Te-Co a competent and problem-solving partner.
Our highly motivated and skilled team of sales-engineers is able to follow pre and post sales activities to guarantee our main goal: customer satifaction.
Company data
Year of foundation: 2011
ISO 9001:2008
Bergamo (BG)
IT-24127 Via Gianbattista Moroni 240/D
DE-26180 Rastede (Niedersachsen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

Specializing in the bandwidth

Many years of experience and professional qualifications of the staff make our company a specialist over a wide bandwidth. This applies to the materials as well as for the manufacturing process and the various branches of industry. From the technological advice on the procurement of materials to the delivery of complete subassemblies our customers find us a competent partner.

We process all machinable materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, etc. Kuststoffe

Power spectrum

CNC - Turning
The manufacturing sector is turning a focus of our production, where machines are used in horizontal and vertical construction, some with automatic loading device and a double-spindle lathe. Also workpieces on multi-axis lathes with counter spindle, bar loading magazine and powered tools can be produced.
We process all machinable materials such as steel, cast steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, etc. Kunsttoffe

CNC - Milling
In modern CNC machining centers we mill, supported by powerful CAD-CAM systems, complex engineering components with highest precision, often in one setting as small, medium or large series.

* The advantage of our CNC milling are far-reaching and result from our extensive park of machines and machining centers: Vertical CNC milling machines
* Vertical CNC milling machines with pallet changer
* Horizontal CNC milling machines with pallet changers or pallet pool
* Vertical-5-axis simultaneous CNC milling machines

This diversity allows therefore for each individual case a specific selection of the system to be used, both in manufacturing aspects as well as in terms of cost, so that always excellent value for money can be achieved.

The terms 5-axis milling and 5-axis simultaneous milling sound almost the same. Both software technology and in terms of technical production possibilities lie between the two methods, however, worlds. The "simultaneous" variant, ie, the simultaneous control and motion of five axes, opens up new horizons in the design and manufacture of complex geometries, open spaces and 3-D surfaces.

In addition to the main areas of production CNC turning and CNC milling we also offer other machining options.
Thus we are able to provide our customers with a fully machined and ready to install a system component.

Possibilities of machining:

* Machining with geometrically defined cutting edge
o Drilling
o Threading
o spaces
o rubbing
o saws
* Machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges
o honing
o loops
o Radiation

Component manufacturing
A complement to our range of products and services is the assembly of components according to individual customer requirements.

According to customer order we process in our in-house manufactured parts together with purchased parts or customer-supplied products to mechanical systems and electro-mechanical assemblies.

As a result, they will receive a complete and ready to install system part. Including all desired surface treatments and electrical installations.

Upon request we provide them the assemblies to your specifications tested and logged available.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1926
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
An der Brücke 45
DE-26180 Rastede
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
With nearly 100 years of experience, we are a reliable supplier of technical components and semi-finished rubber and plastic. Whether rubber moldings, profiles, water jet machining or stamping technology - WHM supplies of individual components on assemblies to complex customized solutions first-class quality.

In-house production of plastic machining, we produce milling and turning parts securely on modern CNC technology and with excellent know-how. High-tech machining centers for single part and small batch production or the production of high precision molded acrylic components ensure high quality and effective processing at a fair price-performance ratio.

Manufacture of clasp surrounding plastics.

Material: PA, POM, PMMA, PC, PEEK, PET, PAI, PTFE, rigid PVC and hard tissue

Processing exclusively on 3 + 5-axis milling machines
Plastic Turned Parts Kunststoffrästeile, milled parts made of plastic
Waterjet machining of rubber, plastic,
Plastic sheets, semi-finished products, pipes, sheets, rods

Company data
Year of foundation: 1916
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
Heinrich-Nordhoff-Ring 14
DE-30826 Garbsen
DE-22045 Hamburg (Hamburg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The wiwyn GmbH is your partner in the procurement of mechanical drawing based plastic and metal components from China and Vietnam.
Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

We cover the following product areas:

- Plastic injection 0.005 kg - 2kg (ABS, PC, PA6 GF, POM, PVC, PTFE) with UV coating (red, yellow, blue, gold & silver) and galvanic metallization (silver & gun-black)

- Cast 0.02 kg - 20kg (aluminum, magnesium, brass, zinc)

- Stainless steel investment casting, centrifugal casting, sand and gray cast iron 0.02 kg - 150kg

- Forged and sintered parts

- CNC turning and milling parts (VA, MS, ALU, TI, plastics), including special screws. Production according to ISO / TS 16949:2009

- Sheet Metal Fabrication: stamping and bending parts and laser parts

Company data
Year of foundation: 2010
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
Dammwiesenstr. 25
DE-22045 Hamburg
DE-35759 Driedorf-Mademühlen (Hessen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)

WÜRZ is a worldwide operating medium sized supplier of very different industries. We produce and sell high precision parts and components made of all cuttable materials. Therefore we trust in latest manufacturing systems. In cooperation with our subsidiary company KÄMPFER WÜRZ Umformtechnik we use our considerable resources. We have a wide spectrum of manufacturing possibilities at our disposal, which distinguishes us– apart from the high standard of our products – on the world market.

Likewise fascinating is our range of products: from complex units as individual items up to precision parts and components in large series. At automotive and utility vehicle industry, at mechanical engineering, at fluid and aviation technology fully operational WÜRZ products secure safety, function and efficiency. The potential of your company finds its affirmation in long term business relations with leading industrial enterprises.

Further information about WÜRZ Fertigungstechnik can be obtained by using the left navigation bar.

Latest manufacturing technology

WÜRZ focuses consequently on state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. We invest permanently. On one hand in the modernization of our fleet of machinery, on the other hand to expand our possibilities and to be able to offer new options to our customers.

Eleven-axes-CNC-turning, eleven-axes-CNC-profile-grinding, CNC-round-, thread-, excenter- and polygonal grinding in one process, as well as double-spindle CNC-milling with swivel table and plate changer are cornerstones of our spectrum.

Further information about our manufacturing technologies can be obtained by using the left navigation bar.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1978
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
Am Schützenhaus 3
DE-35759 Driedorf-Mademühlen
PL-62-064 Plewiska (Polska)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
Company ZUT "PROJECT" offers services in:
Processing of metal - milling, turning, Inen and outer grinding, Surface grinding, cutting, welding - steel, aluminum, stainless steel,
Engineering, manufacturing spare parts and machine elements

We offer:
- Turning
- Automatic turning (bar)
- Hard roes
- Milling
- ....
Company data
Year of foundation: 1991
Employees: 10 - 20

Południowa 30
PL-62-064 Plewiska
CZ-66434 Kurim (Ceská Republika)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Natural and vulcanised rubber
Technology: Automatic turning (bar)
The company AMT automation and mechanical engineering sro is a Czech company belonging to the ZELTWANGER Group with its headquarters in Germany. Our mission is to help our partners with the realization of their projects in engineering industry. We bring our customers a very wide range of manufacturing services to the highest precision with secure supply chain. Our experience is based on over 8 years long-standing and successful relationship with our customers who come from the area of ​​food processing, packaging machinery, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, medical, automotive and so on.

We specialize in folgndes range of services:

* Manufacture of finished machine parts
* Production of small series and medium series
* Manufacture of assemblies
* Manufacturing of complete machinery according to customer-specific documents

We offer the following production services:

* Milling, CNC milling, 3-axis milling, 5-axis milling
* Including turning, CNC turning, turningMachining with driven tools
* Grinding, round, flat and jig grinding
* EDM, EDM and wire EDM
* Sheet Metal - lasers, bending, welding, grinding - specializing in stainless steels
* Surface treatment - pickling, sandblasting, polishing, anodizing, hard anodizing, nickel plating, zinc plating, hard chrome plating, burnishing, painting, etc.
* All hardening processes - such as hardening, case hardening, nitriding, etc.
* Assembly to customer order

Company data
Year of foundation: 2005
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Blanenska 1338
CZ-66434 Kurim