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Suppliers, who Tool steel in the manufacturing process CVD-coating process

Suppliers, who Tool steel in the manufacturing process CVD-coating process, are presented clearly on Techpilot. Find out about different companies and discover new suppliers.

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DE-78048 VS-Villingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
We solve problems together with you!

Get to know a powerful leader in the metalworking industry. The Bohmatec UG is a medium-sized company from the Black Forest, whose focus is in the optimum fulfillment of customer needs. Already in the design phase, we work closely with our customers. Especially in a time of globalization and saturated markets, it is necessary to achieve goals together. A close co-operation enables an optimal problem solution and leads to the customer as well as the entire value chain to time and cost benefits.

Through our activities in the field of construction, we have repeatedly Customers ask us for prototypes and small series.
For this reason we have decided to offer this area.

At present, we act as an engineering firm, which means we buy the parts in our certified partners. Due to our location in the affluent suburbs of the machining industry, we are able to buy the parts without a long journey in the neighborhood.

Manufacturing processes in place:

- Own construction (machine and tool) with 30 - years of design experience
- Creation of 3D models according to customer drawings
- Assembly

Manufacturing process of our partner companies:

- 3D CNC milling
- Turn of individual parts
- Surface grinding (conventional and CNC)
- Cylindrical grinding (conventional and CNC)
- Wire EDM
- Die sinking
- Stamping
- Bending
- Embossing
- Laser Welding
- Toxverbindungen
- Carbide models in all shapes designs
- Laser cutting
- Laser Sintering
- Water jet cutting
- Stereolithography
- Vacuum casting
- CNC turning
- Surface treatments of all kinds

In a fast paced world, it is important to have a partner who does not stand still!

If you have any questions, just contact us!

Company data
Year of foundation: 2013
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
ISO-TS 16949:2009
Am Krebsgraben 15
DE-78048 VS-Villingen
DE-78224 Singen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
Special machines and plant.

Contract manufacturing in the areas of turning, milling and welding.
3D processing according to customer model.
New 3D measuring machine.
We give you everything from one source.
5-axis Drehfräszentren (Mazak) for small - and large parts.
Bed milling machine (FPT, Kekeisen, MPG)
BAZ (Hermle, Maho)

For more information:

Company data
Year of foundation: 1949
Employees: 200 - 500

No certificates
DE-78224 Singen
IT-47923 RIMINI (Emilia-Romagna)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
... is a service company in the trade of outsourcing production and outside-services to solve manufacturing problems in the trade of machine tool, textile and forniture production. Competence and reliability are our aim.

We are working with carefully selected supplying partners creating the connection between requiring companies and the suppliers. Naturally we assist the business relationship with translation of the inquiries, clearing of technical details, “trouble-shooting” and follow custoimers and partners in case of visits and fair events.


TURNING: traditional machines and CNC,

MILLING: traditional milling machines up to CNC machining centres;

GRINDING: surface grinding, circular grinding, external and internal grinding.

BORING, spark erosion,

STRUCTURAL STEELWORK- SHEET METAL WORKING: steel (stainless and not), aluminium and all other light metal, cutting (manual, robotized, oxygen-flame cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting), bending, rolling, shearing, extrusion, cold stamping, punching (traditional and CNC), Welding (TIG, MIG, MAG, wire, robot), precision machining

SPECIAL-SPRING-Production (from drawings):
ASSEMBLING: of different materials for various fields: mechanical, metal, electronic, cosmetic; of different dimensions: small, tiny, medium, very large.

FOUNDRY: foundry models in wood and in resin,; model/forms of extruded aluminium or smelting aluminium, of bronze or cast iron; die-casting and smelting (aluminium, bronze, light magnesium alloys)

PLASTIC MATERIALS WORKING & TOOL PRODUCTION: injection moulding, vacuum forming, printing tools

MICROFUSION: steel and light metall (gold, silver, brass ecc.)

DIES AND MOULDS CONSTRUCTION AND STAMPING: moulds construction and the stamping of the plastic materials: for injection moulding (from 200 gr. up to 1000 gr.); vacuum forming, moulds construction and printing of the technical articles in polycarbon, nylon, ABS e polypropylene (from 35 T up to 130 T); stamping of the pieces of small and tiny dimensions with the maximum weight of 500 gr (the high precision components, cases for the stomatological products, cosmetics, screws, ecc.)

MOULDS CONSTRUCTION for all the types of the sheet metal working of the ferrous materials and alloys

TREATMENT: surface treatment, galvanizing, painting, thermic and heat treatment, surface hardening,crome-nickel plating, as well as out-sourcing of supplies in the following fields: mechanical engineering, motor-car components, electric and electronic industries, home appliances, pharmaceutical industry, sanitary engineering, heating systems and assembling (mechanical-electrical and many more).

We are looking forward to your call and would like to start a profitable co-operation with your company.

With kind regards Export Global Opportunities INTERNATIONAL
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Via Nuova Circonvallazione, Nr.69/B
CN-523109 Dongguan (Guangdong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
For the mechanical parts you want!

We are different!! -- keep the Rigorous work attitude!!!

we are a professional mechanical parts' machining manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, namely Goodwill Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. abbreviation: GPM, website:
Business segment: Machining custom precision parts.

Production Equipment: CNC (DMG, MIKRON, MAZAK), Swiss turning, NC turning, Milling, Grinding, W/C..etc

Testing Equipment: CMM, Digital micrometers, Altitude instrument...etc.

Frequently used materials: steel & stainless steel & Aluminum & Copper & Plastic & hard metal

Main Markets: 60% -European market; 20% Janpan market; 10%-Domestic Market.

1. Rigorous work attitude.
2. Easy to communicate in English, German,Japanese.
3. Responsibility.
4. Stable quality.--Internal Assurance Quality control System.
3. Fast lead time--Bar Code ERP system to control in every process.
4. Competitive prices.
5. No quantity limited. (Focus on 10pc to 100,000pcs)
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 200 - 500

ISO 9001:2008
No. 68, Shizhu Road, Dongcheng.
CN-523109 Dongguan
IT-60031 CASTELPLANIO (Centro (I))
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
S.T.A. 2000 was born in 1988 from an industrial project of Mr. Franco Galassi, President of the Company, who gained a wide professional experience in the Methods - Engineering - Dies Design divisions of ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, LEYLAND, BORG & BACK. Our main activities fields are: Automotive - Railways and Buses - Agriculture - Householdsappliances- Electromechanical - Dies Design and Prototyping . Specialized in design and development of products on behalf of third parties and with the partecipation of young engineers, the company began making prototypes in a plant of 700 m using laser cutting and CNC bending. In 1988 the Company expanded its facilities to 3.700 m adding Design, Dies Construction, Sheet Metal Forming, Welding and Assembly departments. Now the Company is operating on a surface of round 7.000 mq. The young and loyal staff is perfectly tuned to the corporate objectives of learning, growing, and sharing the new market challenges. S.T.A. 2000 S.r.l. is a state of the art Company in a region of excellence.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1988
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
ISO-TS 16949:2009
Via Cannegge 10 bis
CN-315800 Ningbo (Zhejiang)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
Sky-Tech is located in the port city, Ningbo of China who is an owner-managed & direct manufacturing company.

Products range:
1. Stamping, Sheet metal processing, Fine blanking & Deep drawing parts
2. Laser cutting parts
3. CNC Machining, Turning parts
4. Die casting & machining
5. Hobbing, Grinding, Milling parts
6. Bending & Welding parts
7. Injection plastic parts
8. Winch parts
9. All related treatments of finish process: Zn plating Chrome plating Nickel plating E-coating Powder coating

Materials range:
1. Steel:
 Stainless steel: 304 316
 Carbon steel & Steel alloy: DIN C10 C15 C22 C35 C45 C55 C60 9SMn28 9SMnPb36 CK15 CK25 45
 Tube: 304 DOM seamless ANSI1010 DOM seamless
 Casting steel
2. Al. alloy: 5052 6061 6082 7075
3. Cu alloy: C37700 C36000,CuSn8
4. Plastic: PVC ABS Nylon

Quality commitments:
Sky-tech believes that quality are manufactured through production process, NOT by inspection. The products we offered are strictly and honestly committed to customer's requirements and satisfaction which is 100% OEM and ODM solution. We have all kinds of quality inspection instruments:

 Vision inspection
 Comparators
 Precision Optical Projector
 Spectrometer
 High-precision image measuring device
 Hardness test
 Roughness test
 Vernier
 Ring gages
 Plug gages
 Thread gages
 Bore gages

Thanks to our customers and potential clients!
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
Yinzhou District
CN-315800 Ningbo
CZ-61200 Brno (Ceská Republika)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
For over 25 years we supply German company with parts for the
Machinery and Plant:

complete assemblies as well as items
Welded structures with different functions
Sheet metal processing (eg, 2D, 3D laser cutting, plasma / water jet)
Special machines
Delivery of turned parts, sheet metal parts (eg including machine enclosures), guard
Delivery of complete machines with hydraulic and Eletronikkomponenten
Rollers and roller shells in different designs

We, the Textura GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and our subsidiary company, the Textura CZ sro in the Czech Republic are your competent partner for contract manufacture, components purchasing, design work and sales in Eastern Europe.

We have for 25 years directly involved in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and successfully support our customers in the procurement of mechanical parts and components.
Our engineers organize the selection of suppliers on-site and coordinate the production and logistics process.
The quality control is already taking place locally.

Through our engineering site we guarantee agreed delivery times, intensive quality control and market knowledge.

We follow the production steps in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on site, monitor timeliness and quality of and organize the packing and transport.

We know the right manufacturing company for you and have at our Czech contractors a great weight by bundling orders.
Therefore, we can easily realize smaller quantities and individual productions.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1979
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
Svatopluka Cecha 1934/48
CZ-61200 Brno
SK-03601 Martin (Slovensko)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Tool steel
Technology: CVD-coating
Let me introduce our company. We are a Slovak company,that major production programm is orientated to manufacturing of special and precise parts for machines,different kind of fixtures,stamping tools,dies / progressive tools,transfer tools/ We are a member of Rejlek Plastics Group in Wien,Austria. We offer you capacities and experience in design and production. Our production is for the costumers that are differnet tools and machine producers,special machine builders,working in a field of automotive industry,electrotechnical and furniture industry and in automatization of industrial manufacturing. If you are interested in cooperation with our company do not hesitate and call us. Yours sincerelly Viena International Slovakia
Company data
Year of foundation: 1951
Employees: 200 - 500

ISO 14001
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Kraciny 2
SK-03601 Martin