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Suppliers, who Gold in the manufacturing process Combined forming laser cutting / punching process

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Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
The dry Brückner GmbH & Co. KG is a medium sized, family run business with 60 years of tradition, € 80 million in annual sales and 350 employees, divided into 3 divisions. The core competence is the development, design and production of equipment for the textile finishing, which are exported to more than 90% worldwide.
In our state of the art manufacturing plant Tittmoning, we form with 150 employees, the entire process chain, from nibbling, laser cutting and bending in sheet metal processing, through manual or automated welding processes, the wet coating, the complete assembly and shipping, from. We are competent in sheet metal design, sheet metal and steel construction, and the
Manufacturing of welded assemblies by hand or with advanced welding robots, the coating of large-volume plant parts and the final assembly of system components up to 20 tons total weight. Our production is supported by an experienced quality assurance and production-related construction.Our free production capacities, we offer attractive terms. Try us, we look forward to your inquiries.

Management Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Key data

* Founded in 1960
* 156 motivated employees in a family environment
* Production area of 13050 m²
* Private training of industrial mechanics in their own training workshop (currently 13 trainees)
* Own production-related design and work preparation
* Expertise in sheet metal design, sheet metal and steel construction.
* Manufacturing of welded assemblies by hand or with the-art welding robots.
* My painting for large parts of the system
* Final assembly of system components up to 20 tons total weight.
* Delivery capacity of more than 45 container / week. About 95% export share. Focus countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, China


* Design department equipped with 3d and 2d CAD system CoCreate
* State of the art laser and sheet metal nibbling machines from Trumpf.TC 6000L large format, TruPunch5000, bending centers of Weinbrenner to 4.5 m
* Welding robots for parts by volume up to max. 1.000mm x 4.300mm
* Liquid coating for parts by volume in the system to 1,5 m x 4m
* Wet paint on the Special Spray accommodate parts up to max. 2,5 m x 5m
* Final assembly and packaging of plant parts up to 20 tons.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1949
Employees: 200 - 500

No certificates
Laufener Strasse 12
DE-84529 Tittmoning
IT-47923 RIMINI (Emilia-Romagna)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
... is a service company in the trade of outsourcing production and outside-services to solve manufacturing problems in the trade of machine tool, textile and forniture production. Competence and reliability are our aim.

We are working with carefully selected supplying partners creating the connection between requiring companies and the suppliers. Naturally we assist the business relationship with translation of the inquiries, clearing of technical details, “trouble-shooting” and follow custoimers and partners in case of visits and fair events.


TURNING: traditional machines and CNC,

MILLING: traditional milling machines up to CNC machining centres;

GRINDING: surface grinding, circular grinding, external and internal grinding.

BORING, spark erosion,

STRUCTURAL STEELWORK- SHEET METAL WORKING: steel (stainless and not), aluminium and all other light metal, cutting (manual, robotized, oxygen-flame cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting), bending, rolling, shearing, extrusion, cold stamping, punching (traditional and CNC), Welding (TIG, MIG, MAG, wire, robot), precision machining

SPECIAL-SPRING-Production (from drawings):
ASSEMBLING: of different materials for various fields: mechanical, metal, electronic, cosmetic; of different dimensions: small, tiny, medium, very large.

FOUNDRY: foundry models in wood and in resin,; model/forms of extruded aluminium or smelting aluminium, of bronze or cast iron; die-casting and smelting (aluminium, bronze, light magnesium alloys)

PLASTIC MATERIALS WORKING & TOOL PRODUCTION: injection moulding, vacuum forming, printing tools

MICROFUSION: steel and light metall (gold, silver, brass ecc.)

DIES AND MOULDS CONSTRUCTION AND STAMPING: moulds construction and the stamping of the plastic materials: for injection moulding (from 200 gr. up to 1000 gr.); vacuum forming, moulds construction and printing of the technical articles in polycarbon, nylon, ABS e polypropylene (from 35 T up to 130 T); stamping of the pieces of small and tiny dimensions with the maximum weight of 500 gr (the high precision components, cases for the stomatological products, cosmetics, screws, ecc.)

MOULDS CONSTRUCTION for all the types of the sheet metal working of the ferrous materials and alloys

TREATMENT: surface treatment, galvanizing, painting, thermic and heat treatment, surface hardening,crome-nickel plating, as well as out-sourcing of supplies in the following fields: mechanical engineering, motor-car components, electric and electronic industries, home appliances, pharmaceutical industry, sanitary engineering, heating systems and assembling (mechanical-electrical and many more).

We are looking forward to your call and would like to start a profitable co-operation with your company.

With kind regards Export Global Opportunities INTERNATIONAL
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Via Nuova Circonvallazione, Nr.69/B
ES-15890 Santiago de Compostela (Noroeste)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
GAMELSA Programme:

- All kinds of machined sheet and pipes-metal pieces. Cutting, folding, soldering, painting and assembling.

- Hole punching up to 8 m/m.

- Laser cutting (Hi-Las) up to 20 m/m in steel and 20 m/m in stainless steel.

- Stamping up to 400 Tn.
- Soldering: MIG, TIG and LASER.
- Powder coating. Pieces up to 6 x 2 x 1 m.

- Silk screen painting and tampography.

Activities of Subcontraction (outsourcing): Machining of sheet and tube by processes of CNC punching, nibbling, laser cutting, bending, welding, surface treatment, painting and marking.
Component mounting and subassemblies.


see Machinery (extract)


6 Bridge Cry 5Tm.

2 Bridge Cry 10 Tm.

3 Electric Transpalet 1.200 KG.

1 Termic Transpalet 2.000 KG.

1 Electric Transpalet 2.500 KG.


1 Three-Dimensional measurement machine 3000X1500X1500(1um. Resolution)

1 Scanner for sheet up to 2.500X2.500 mm.

1 Digital caliper in each workstation mirocmeters


Hardness meter

Roughness meter

Measuring of thickness recovery in ferrous an non-ferrous materials

Thermography for painting curing

Microprocessor color analysis

1 Software Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

1 Software Computer Aided Design 2D Me10 from Hewlett Packard (2 licenses)

1 Software Design 3D I-Deas from SDRC with finite elements analysis of elements and mechanism (4 licenses)

1 Software Integraded Production CAD/CAM


Electronic and comunications (Matv and Satelite), Road, Sea and Railway Transport Vehicles, Food Process Industry, Hospital Equipment, Urban Furniture


Company data
Year of foundation: 1984
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
Pol. Indl. Tambre - Vía Edison, 16
ES-15890 Santiago de Compostela
DE-71394 Kernen i.R. (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching

A well-trained staff of 45 professionals in the production and 15 staff in technical and commercial fields set to the requirements of our customers.

According to our motto of "Quality and Reliability" we see ourselves as partners to our customers. Based on our experience, we offer you complete solutions: from design to production-ready finished product, incl.Oberflächenbehandlung and assembly.

Our product range covers the entire spectrum of sheet metal products, from single parts to large-scale, from simple board to complex workpieces and assemblies for high-tech applications.

Designs from all steel grades, stainless steel to sheet thickness 15mm, steel up to 20mm, aluminum up to 12mm are manufactured following products: cabinets, machine covers, housings, containers, cabins, cable channels, displays, electronic components, pipe steel structures, heat exchangers

A small selection of products that we manufacture for you:

- Switchboards
- Container
- Displays
- Electronic Components
- Faceplates
- Housing
- Cabins
- Cable channels
- Machine covers
- Oil pans
- Pipe and steel structures
- Cabinets
- Steles

Company data
Year of foundation: 1922
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
DE-71394 Kernen i.R.
CN-250100 Jinan (Shandong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
Jinan Echo metal products Co., Ltd., focuses on exporting OEM parts to the European market for more than 11 years. Our factory is located in Jinan City, capital of Shandong province, near Qingdao sea port in North China. We have over 110 employees with an area of 7,000sqm.
There are 8 engineers whose background is stamping, machining and casting. Our sale department has 5 commercial employees whose major is international business. The production and machinery are controlled by skillful, experienced workers.

In house we produce stamping, welding, machining and assembling parts. We have our own tooling department for developing and repairing our tools. Besides these departments we have our own quality check department and packaging department, all outgoing parts are checked and packed before they leave our company.

In order to stay competitive, we have brought in a lot of new machines including progressive tools automation pressing punch, 3D machining center, CNC control lathe and automatic welding machine. In the near future we can even offer Robot welding.

Besides our own in house production we have built up an extensive network of high quality and reliable subcontractors who are focused on; forging, sand casting, investment casting, aluminum gravity casting, high pressure casting, aluminum extrusion, plastic injection and so on. With most of these factories we cooperate for more than 8 years.

Your correlative enquiry will be appreciated, please be assured that we are your successful cooperator in the future.

Below you will find the list of our technological possibilities

Production Possibilities

In-house we can offer
- Conventional stamping machine
o 9 x ranging from 16 till 160 ton
- Hydraulic stamping machine
o 1 x of 100 ton
- Progressive stamping lines
o 2 x till 200 ton
- cutting
o 1 x Portable CNC liner cutting machine
o 1 x Plasma cutter
o 4 x Wire cutter
o 4 x Metal saw
o 1 x Hydraulic sheet metal shear
- machining
o 11 x CNC machining lathe
o 4 x CNC machining centre
o 8 x Conventional lathe
o 5 x Conventional milling machine
o 3 x conventional grinding machine
- Drilling
o 16 x Bench type drilling machine
o 3 x Radial type drilling machine
o 2 x Flow drill
- Welding
o 11 x Co2 welding machine
o 1 x TIG welding machine
o 2 x Automated welding machine (MIG/MAG)
o 1 x Robot welder (ABB 1400)
- Bending
o 1 x Automated hydraulic plate bending machine
o 1 x Semi automated hydraulic tube bending machine
- Surface treatments
o 2 x Spiral vibration grinding machine
o 2 x Ball blasting machine
o 1 x Ultrasonic cleaner
o 1 x Wet paint facility
o 1 x Powder coating facility
o 1 x ball polishing machine
- Assembly department
- Packaging department
- Quality department

Besides our in-house abilities we have an extensive network of companies in the field of:
- Hot and Cold Forging
o Open die forging
o Closed die forging
o precision forging (including gear forging)
- metal casting
o sand casting
o wax lost casting
o gravity casting
o high/low pressure casting
o deluxe investment casting
o regular investment casting
- Aluminium extrusion
- Heat treatment
o Annealing
o Hardening and tempering
- Plastic injection
- Surface treatments:
o Galvanising(including passivating)
o Hot dip galvanising
o Cataphoretic coating
o Anodising
o Polishing
o Chroming
o Dacromet coating
Company data
Year of foundation: 1998
Employees: 100 - 200

No certificates
Building No.5 Huacheng Industry Park, No.8 Dingjiazhuang South Road, Jinan 250100, China
CN-250100 Jinan
DE-48477 Hörstel - Bevergern (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
We are an industrial and commercial agency with direct suppliers and production facilities in Poland, Czech Republic, China, Italy, Taiwan, India, Turkey and Germany.
We design and produce together with our partners to our customers in the following areas:

Welded structures such as caddies, storage racks, long-product pallets.
Steel construction, welding in general. Surfaces such as rays, galvanizing, painting, powders.

Sheet metal processing all materials:
CNC punching, nibbling, edges, laser welding, cutting
Fully automated bending center, powder coating,
Deep drawing, laser cutting, punching from coil, components,
Services according to customer requirements

Turned parts, milled parts made of all materials

Castings and their processing

Plastic injection molded parts up to 2,500 grams weighing, + Toolmaking
Extrusion plastic profiles
Aluminum profiles and their processing

Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, control boxes and control cabinets completely

Agricultural Engineering

Bent wire parts


Bend and process tubes

Company data
Year of foundation: 1986
Employees: < 5

ISO 9001:2008
Seilerstraße 30
DE-48477 Hörstel - Bevergern
DE-08340 Schwarzenberg/OT Pöhla (Sachsen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
- Manufacture of stamping parts according to sample or drawing to 1250 kN

- Manufacture of stamping parts made of copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, steel, stainless steel up to 3mm thickness from tape using electronic feed, up to 6mm from sheets or strip

- Manufacture of stamping parts made of non-metallic materials

- Point-and inert gas welding (MAG, TIG)
- Drilling
- Tapping
- Thread rolling, knurling +
- High gloss polishing by polishing rotary table (6 stations) or manually
- Supplier `s and-drag to 80 mm in length (even more grooves per part possible)
- Belt loops
- Mounting (single and assembly)
- Cleaning of stampings using cleaning machine
- Special solutions

In cooperation:
Laser technology (also 3D) laser, laser welding, Bending, CNC punching nibbling, turning and milling parts, surface finishing, tool

- Quantities of 100 units to 5 million units

Company data
Year of foundation: 1937
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Raschauer Straße 1
DE-08340 Schwarzenberg/OT Pöhla
DE-09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna (Sachsen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching

Machine enclosures, cabinets, welded assemblies made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum - the omega sheet metal working GmbH sees itself as a system supplier for mechanical engineering.

Concretely, cover from the first sketch through 3D design to finished product, the entire value chain.
In between processing steps such as laser cutting, punching, nipples, bending, welding, riveting, assembling, powder coating, wet painting. If desired, the OMEGA products are also completed with electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components.

Flexibility, quality and punctuality is crucial and is achieved through close cooperation with the partners. This in turn is a demand for all times to meet with his counterpart "on equal footing".

Design and manufacture of a hand in the sheet metal.
Apparatus and tank made of stainless steel to 100,000 liters. Pressure vessels, complete systems, design and manufacturing.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1995
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2000
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Sachsenstrasse 31
DE-09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna
DE-32312 Lübbecke (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
Since 2005 we develop with our partner companies, new approaches and innovative solutions for the production of technical parts and assemblies. Our slogan "New Thinking! New action! New ways! ", We carry a competent and reliable contribution to your company's success. We advise our customers both during the product development process as well as the optimization of existing products in terms of the structural design, as well as on the use of suitable production methods and materials.
We specialize in rotary swaging, spin forming, cold forging, machining (cutting all kinds), sintering, MIM, hot forging, stamping, deep drawing, sheet metal forming of all kinds, die-cast zinc, cast aluminum, cast iron, fasteners, ductile iron, cast iron and lots more!
We enable potential costs through the re-design of your purchasing parts with the help of TRIZ methods, value analysis and Attributive sourcing.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2005
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Westerhang 35
DE-32312 Lübbecke
CN-315800 Ningbo (Zhejiang)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
Sky-Tech is located in the port city, Ningbo of China who is an owner-managed & direct manufacturing company.

Products range:
1. Stamping, Sheet metal processing, Fine blanking & Deep drawing parts
2. Laser cutting parts
3. CNC Machining, Turning parts
4. Die casting & machining
5. Hobbing, Grinding, Milling parts
6. Bending & Welding parts
7. Injection plastic parts
8. Winch parts
9. All related treatments of finish process: Zn plating Chrome plating Nickel plating E-coating Powder coating

Materials range:
1. Steel:
 Stainless steel: 304 316
 Carbon steel & Steel alloy: DIN C10 C15 C22 C35 C45 C55 C60 9SMn28 9SMnPb36 CK15 CK25 45
 Tube: 304 DOM seamless ANSI1010 DOM seamless
 Casting steel
2. Al. alloy: 5052 6061 6082 7075
3. Cu alloy: C37700 C36000,CuSn8
4. Plastic: PVC ABS Nylon

Quality commitments:
Sky-tech believes that quality are manufactured through production process, NOT by inspection. The products we offered are strictly and honestly committed to customer's requirements and satisfaction which is 100% OEM and ODM solution. We have all kinds of quality inspection instruments:

 Vision inspection
 Comparators
 Precision Optical Projector
 Spectrometer
 High-precision image measuring device
 Hardness test
 Roughness test
 Vernier
 Ring gages
 Plug gages
 Thread gages
 Bore gages

Thanks to our customers and potential clients!
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
Yinzhou District
CN-315800 Ningbo
DE-03149 Forst (Brandenburg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Gold
Technology: Combined forming laser cutting / punching
The Vetschauer Industrie Service GmbH is an industry-related supply business. Through our extensive technical equipment, we are able by the laser, burning, - or Wasserstralzuschnitt on the processing by CNC bending, milling and turning and welding to manufacture our customers with complete assemblies, which are supplied galvanized or powder coated if required.
We operate a certified by TÜV certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
For the welding of railway vehicles we have approval in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2 Class CL1, also for automated welding (robot). In allgemeionen steel construction, we are certified according to DIN EN 1090 Class EXC3 and DIN 18800-7 Class E.

We operate a state of the art mechanical workshop in which we can perform the complete range of metalworking and thus can produce both parts and finished assemblies.

- CNC - Turning

- CNC - Milling

- CNC - lasers

- CNC - Bending

- Drilling

- Poke

- Grinding

- Burn

- Cutting

- Welding

Company data
Year of foundation: 1998
Employees: 20 - 50

DIN 18800-7:2002 Class D/E (maj ...
DIN 6700
Weißwasserstraße 1
DE-03149 Forst