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Suppliers, who Cast minerals in the manufacturing process Form milling (3 D) process

Suppliers, who Cast minerals in the manufacturing process Form milling (3 D) process, are presented clearly on Techpilot. Find out about different companies and discover new suppliers.

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DE-95505 Immenreuth (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

The Fa aldo Vertrieb GmbH can be ordered for mainly manufacture in CZ (Czech Republic) and SK (Slovak Republic), for the metal industry.

Due to carefully selected manufacturers, we are able to offer a wide range of production possibilities. Good opportunities exist in

- Mechanical / Machining: for example turned parts, milled parts, wire EDM, etc.
- Tooling / fixtures, gages
- Metal forming / punching, stamping, forming
- Casting production / cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, aluminum and non-ferrous metal castings
- Its own model and mold
- Sheet metal processing / complex sheet metal assemblies, covers, housings, steel sheet, stainless steel, VA plates
- Steel construction / welding assemblies, machine frames, base frames with mechanical processing
- Flame cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting

The company produces items to series production.

Rotate: diameter of 2 mm to 300 mm, length of 10 mm to 1000 mm. Conventional machines as well as modern CNC lathes with attached treibenen tools and CNC lathes.

Milling: Conventional and CNC machines and machining centers.

Loops is also possible (surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, CNC).


- Heat treatment such as carburizing, nitriding
- Surface coating, bronzing, coating, chromating, galvanizing

Most of our suppliers are certified.

spare capacity in the area of ​​milling (form milling, HSC milling, face milling)

Company data
Year of foundation: 2005
Droiacker 2
DE-95505 Immenreuth
DE-51580 Reichshof-Tillkausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

Versatility - through years of experience and openness to new ideas.

Today MOUNTAIN METAL OHG was founded in 1980 by Mr. Alfons Berg as a sole proprietorship.

In 1994 the opening of a branch factory in Oberwiehl and thus the expansion of the power spectrum in sheet metal processing.

The establishment of a partnership made in 1999 by the introduction of the individual enterprise and the participation of Mr Andreas Berg, who since 1993 has been an employee of the company.

Managing Partners are Alfonso and Andreas Berg.

Dedicated and technically skilled staff, supported by a powerful technical equipment enable quality and on-time reliable results that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

With the sum of our experience of over 30 years, creativity and flexibility, we develop optimized overall and advanced detail solutions.

Robot Welding Welding Welding Robot welding welded constructions sheet metal forming sheet metal processing milling turning machining sheet metal structures large milling parts assemblies burnouts combustion engine burning operation Abkantarbeiten cut profiles industry profiles structural steel welding welding TIG MIG MAG Stud Welding Drawn Arc Capacitor discharge machining stainless steel engineering tool steel plasma cutting plasma system plasma cutting parts sheet steel processing 16Mo3 Hardox 1.4301 1.4571 1.4404

Company data
Year of foundation: 1980
ISO 9001:2008
DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
Am Broich 7
DE-51580 Reichshof-Tillkausen
DE-34281 Gudensberg-Deute (Hessen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

For over 25 years we are in CNC turning and CNC milling positions and report with currently 11 employees turning and milling parts from almost all machinable materials, but predominantly from high-alloy stainless steels.

Our production program includes the creation of products ertsprechend the desired shape according to drawings or sample parts in item-to small-and medium series production for rod and insert parts or complete assemblies (up to 100kg).

The operation of our machinery is carried out by a team of highly specialized workers and four Dreher and engineering masters.

For this reason, we are fast and flexible to respond to your short-term, time-critical appointment wishes or capacity constraints while maintaining a high professional standards, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, in the situation.

We assure you flawless, professional and timely processing at a high quality level.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1978
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Grüner Weg 8
DE-34281 Gudensberg-Deute
DE-88515 Langenenslingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
System supplier Complete solutions in steel and metal 3D-Konstruktionen Solvent designer Welding specialized enterprise Welding engineering specialist Welding specialist Training welder Examined welders DIN EN 287-1 Laser center Laser cuts Bending hurry Building groups Steel structure components Welded structures Demmeler hole table system 5mx30 mm 10 t piece weight Large suitability proof Manufacturer qualification class E DIN 18800 T7 DIN 15018 DIN 4132 DIN 4133 LIKES MIG TIG S 235 S 275 S 355 S 690 S 960 Fine-grain structural steel 1.4301 1.4571 Rustproof steel AlMg3 Training enterprise Metal farmer field construction technology fine work mechanic Fachrichtung mechanical engineering
Company data
Year of foundation: 1949
Employees: 50 - 100

DIN 18800-7:2002 Class D/E (maj ...
DIN EN 729
Im Aisple 5
DE-88515 Langenenslingen
DE-88471 Laupheim (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

The founding of Braun electronics plus precision engineering by Manfred Braun in 1995 was the foundation for the emergence and development of today's Brown Group. Today, the company is acting as a customer-oriented production and service company in the field of mechanical and electro-mechanical production of assemblies, systems and volume components.

The Brown Group manufactures and installs for different industries mechanical, electronic and electromechanical assemblies of the highest quality - always reliable and flexible. Based on many years of experience in the industry they worked together with their clients creative and competent solutions.

In the three business areas (industrial electronics, assembly and precision engineering) group of companies most modern technologies and skills are pooled. The Brown Precision Engineering manufactures mechanical turning and milling parts from all materials. Besides cutting production developed and assembled the brown industrial electronics boards in SMD and THT technology.The Braun electronics plus precision engineering manufactures and checks complete systems and takes over their entire logistics.

Through continuous investment in people, know-how and latest technologies, the brown group of companies is an ideal partner for the manufacturing and production of your components or products.

Complete assemblies from one source:

• Development and Layout
• Purchasing and Planning
• Mechanical Production
• Electronic Manufacturing
• assembly
• Quality control
• Logistics

From prototype development stage through to the complete series startup we offer you our modern and well maintained machinery and our competent and motivated employees for quality service always on hand.

Services around the assembly production, from procurement to production (CNC milling and turning parts, printed circuit board assembly) to the assembly, logistics and after sales service

Company data
Year of foundation: 1995
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 14001
Uhlmannstraße 45
DE-88471 Laupheim
DE-33824 Werther (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
The CNC Speed ​​Form AG is a service provider for prototype construction and water jet cutting. We finished workpieces in water jet process from almost all materials up to a thickness of 200mm. Furthermore, we provide prototypes in the following procedure ago: Laser sintering Vacuum casting Stereolihtographie Objet 3D Printing FDM The build of prototypes is our strength. From the gyroplane to model wind turbine we manufacture according to your data or to assist you in creating the data.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1992
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
Dammstr. 54-56
DE-33824 Werther
CN-518126 Shenzhen (Guangdong)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
We are a leading custom parts manufacturer from China. And specialized in manufacturing and provide with following parts for our Europe-America & Japan customers: Investment casting for stainless steel / brass/ bronze/ carbon steel/ alloy steel parts. Custom-made precision machining parts for tooling core/ cavity/ lifter/ slider inserts. We provdide with our customers good quality parts with good quality and reasonable pricing & quickly turnaround. If you are looking for reliable oversea supplier for your subcontract machining jobs... If you are looking for way to cut down your production cost... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CMI would be your best resourcing. Please send your RFQ to us. We are more then happy to quote it for you. And we are happy to make free sample for your review first. Should you have any question or concern please do not hesitate to let me know or login for more information about us.
Company data
Year of foundation: 1978
Employees: 100 - 200

No certificates
Bao An Shenzhen. China
CN-518126 Shenzhen
SI-2242 ZGORNJA KORENA (Slovenija)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Company Deučman doo Maribor is a modern, innovative service company for the metal working. The company is working on high-quality machine parts used in a broad engineering. Our services include the production of small and medium-sized machine parts.

We are specialized in manufacturing on CNC turning and CNC milling.

With us, we handle all types of steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and various plastic materials (POM, PA, PE, PTFE, PVC ......)

4 - axes Bearbeitunszentrum SHW UF 4
3 - Vertical machining center ZPS MCFV 125 EZ

3 - axis lathe TRAUB TND 200 with Angetrinenen tools, C - axis tailstock
3 - axis lathe TRAUB TND 300G with Angetrinenen tools, C - axis,

Because we are a small company, we are very flexible to respond quickly - and most importantly, the customer can rely on us.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2008
Employees: < 5

DE-83022 Rosenheim (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

The Evocut GmbH & Co.KG was on 17/03/2011
founded by Andreas Bauer and Stephan Pertl.

Through years of experience in CNC production of Andreas Bauer
and experience in project business by Stephan Pertl
we can already well-known companies among our customers.

From the beginning, our focus is on fair and partnership
with customers in the foreground.
In constant dialogue with our customers, we are guided
consistently on their goals and their optimal implementation.

Our focus lies equally on quality, delivery and service.

Perfection is our drive

Company data
Year of foundation: 2011
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
Chiemseestr. 8
DE-83022 Rosenheim
IT-47923 RIMINI (Emilia-Romagna)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
... is a service company in the trade of outsourcing production and outside-services to solve manufacturing problems in the trade of machine tool, textile and forniture production. Competence and reliability are our aim.

We are working with carefully selected supplying partners creating the connection between requiring companies and the suppliers. Naturally we assist the business relationship with translation of the inquiries, clearing of technical details, “trouble-shooting” and follow custoimers and partners in case of visits and fair events.


TURNING: traditional machines and CNC,

MILLING: traditional milling machines up to CNC machining centres;

GRINDING: surface grinding, circular grinding, external and internal grinding.

BORING, spark erosion,

STRUCTURAL STEELWORK- SHEET METAL WORKING: steel (stainless and not), aluminium and all other light metal, cutting (manual, robotized, oxygen-flame cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting), bending, rolling, shearing, extrusion, cold stamping, punching (traditional and CNC), Welding (TIG, MIG, MAG, wire, robot), precision machining

SPECIAL-SPRING-Production (from drawings):
ASSEMBLING: of different materials for various fields: mechanical, metal, electronic, cosmetic; of different dimensions: small, tiny, medium, very large.

FOUNDRY: foundry models in wood and in resin,; model/forms of extruded aluminium or smelting aluminium, of bronze or cast iron; die-casting and smelting (aluminium, bronze, light magnesium alloys)

PLASTIC MATERIALS WORKING & TOOL PRODUCTION: injection moulding, vacuum forming, printing tools

MICROFUSION: steel and light metall (gold, silver, brass ecc.)

DIES AND MOULDS CONSTRUCTION AND STAMPING: moulds construction and the stamping of the plastic materials: for injection moulding (from 200 gr. up to 1000 gr.); vacuum forming, moulds construction and printing of the technical articles in polycarbon, nylon, ABS e polypropylene (from 35 T up to 130 T); stamping of the pieces of small and tiny dimensions with the maximum weight of 500 gr (the high precision components, cases for the stomatological products, cosmetics, screws, ecc.)

MOULDS CONSTRUCTION for all the types of the sheet metal working of the ferrous materials and alloys

TREATMENT: surface treatment, galvanizing, painting, thermic and heat treatment, surface hardening,crome-nickel plating, as well as out-sourcing of supplies in the following fields: mechanical engineering, motor-car components, electric and electronic industries, home appliances, pharmaceutical industry, sanitary engineering, heating systems and assembling (mechanical-electrical and many more).

We are looking forward to your call and would like to start a profitable co-operation with your company.

With kind regards Export Global Opportunities INTERNATIONAL
Company data
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Via Nuova Circonvallazione, Nr.69/B
PT-4435 Baguim do Monte (Continente)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Production of precision parts.

Machine's components.

Entire groups and complete machines.

Prototypes and small series.

Work in any kind of materials and surface treatments.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1980
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Rua de Entrecampinhos 118
PT-4435 Baguim do Monte
DE-83253 Rimsting (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

The company Fischer tooling GmbH is a medium-sized company to design and manufacture of injection molds, die casting molds and equipment of all kinds

Our company was established in 1985 sen of Mr. Johann Fischer. founded. Thanks to the rapid development in 1988, an extension could be realized.

The upward trend continued steadily over the years continued. In 2003, the company eventually moved to the newly built production facility in the industrial area Greimharting in Rimsting at the Chiemsee.

In 2003, Mr. Fischer Johann jun. the management. Determined, he also continues the trend with proven success pursuit of perfection and innovation.

100% power

Our core aim is to produce the tasks given to us with the utmost precision, top quality and absolute time.
This principle runs through the whole company.

Through innovation and development of our employees, we are committed to better solve our tasks - supported by most modern manufacturing equipment and production in all areas.


Injection molding and die casting tools
From simple shapes to complex multi-component injection molding tools
Mold manufacture with the latest technology and the utmost care with the highest precision
Fast and efficient delivery of required products tools up to a weight of 10 tons and an area up to 1200 x 900 mm

Speaker grilles

The manufacture of molds for speaker grill is an art that few can master mold maker.
This is the challenge we encounter with the highest level of understanding of material behavior during injection molding and extremely foresighted form of planning.

Devices of all kinds

Measuring devices
Mounting devices
Handling systems

Design & Development

Our own design department to help you any time of the complete part design to finished tool and equipment advice.
With the help of CAD / CAM systems (Catia V5 and VX), we aim to quickest possible order processing to allow in a very short time to start your production.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1985
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Gewerbegebiet Greimharting 4
DE-83253 Rimsting
DE-71297 Mönchsheim (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

The efforts of Gotech - CNC GmbH based on the satisfaction of customers, caused by first-class quality with on-time delivery. Today the Gotech busy - CNC GmbH over 40 qualified and motivated employees, through which the quality is assured.

We, as an international company, provides 20% of our annual production to neighboring countries. To meet the ever increasing demands of our customers, we continuously invest heavily in technological modernization and expansion of our production facilities.

Our diverse editing possibilities begin in rotation range Ø 25 mm to Ø 650 mm and go at a maximum working length of 2000 mm. In the milling area, we are at the length of 10 x 10 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm and edit in Langfräsbereich up to a part length of 1450 mm.

The follow-up work such as hardening, nitriding, bronzing and all necessary surface treatments are performed by chosen experts who are working in accordance with our ideology and also the highest quality products available.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1999
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
Am Dieb 3
DE-71297 Mönchsheim
DE-32312 Lübbecke (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

See for yourself!

In 1966 Heinrich Greve Heinrich Greve GmbH & Co KG, which he led as owner and managing director until 2006.

At the beginning of pure contract work is performed. But the flexibility is reacting to the different requirements of different customers, and due to a consistently high standard of quality, now uses a different development: The company is transformed into a manufacturer of sophisticated production units.

The production range is continually being expanded, upgraded capacity accordingly.

Today 110 dedicated and competent employees are available to customers in solving individual production tasks to the side.

Individual engineering

From the idea ...

Our customers call us their requirements.

Then update and optimize the existing machinery. Or are we already maintain existing policies and plans.

We use this into individual design solutions and construction of the machines.

Over 40 years of know-how guarantee the optimal realization of customer requirements.

... to the machine

Each project is completely maintained in Greve.

Starting from the design to the manufacture of parts, machine assembly on site with sample resumes and installation to on-site service in case of problems.

As a quality oriented manufacturer of each production step is subject to strict quality controls.Thus we ensure the constantly high quality standard of all products.

The bag machines

Polyrex SF for loop handle carrier bags, Polyrex BV for grip hole pockets with reinforcement sheet of paper and Polyrex DP for diaper bags are manufactured from Greve licensed exclusively for W & H in Lengerich.


* Laminating
* Anleimtechnik
* Arc-punching
* Auxiliary equipment for the graphic arts and corrugated cardboard industry
* Rolling technology
* Machines for winding technology
* Recycling Plants

Company data
Year of foundation: 1966
Employees: 100 - 200

Zeiss-Straße 9 - 11
DE-32312 Lübbecke
DE-63796 Kahl / Main (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
The company Helmut Eltner tooling GmbH is a family business.

They emerged from the company Koser & Eltner which was founded in 1966 by Hans Koser and Helmut Eltner in Main Valley / Wachenbuchen.

After the death of a shareholder, the company was taken over by Helmut Eltner 1982.

It soon became apparent that the old premises did not allow for necessary investments more. Therefore, a 3500m ² plot of land was purchased in 1989 in Kahl / Main and built a 800m ² building, which was purchased in 1990.

The machinery has been since that time continuously expanded, and modernized in order to respond flexibly to customer requests.

In 1996, Dipl-Ing. Ralf Eltner ordered the second managing director, the company is run by him alone since 2001.

Manufacturing Technology

Rail profile grinding
Wire EDM
Die sinking
Hole EDM from Ø0, 6mm
Gauge Jig Grinding
Milling, drilling
HSC milling

Company data
Year of foundation: 1985
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2000
Lange Hecke 7
DE-63796 Kahl / Main
DE-28195 Bremen (Bremen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Industrial demand-dial offers a wide range of products, which leaves little to be desired:

Our produce CNC controlled cutting machines and edit the following products:
- Drums, rollers and shafts of any kind with surface finishing up to a diameter of about 3 m
- Complex components in any size with the required certificates and related approvals
- Repairs and repairs of complete machines and assemblies
- Castings and forgings in all materials and dimensions,
for B.kleine and large bronze bushings in centrifugal casting and other non-ferrous castings and
- Hard metals and aluminum cast with all the arrangements and for all uses
- Hydraulic parts and other complex structures also belong to our product range
Our trained specialist welding workers produce these products:
- Small and large weldments in steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous Metalenn with mechanical
Bearneitung and all dec and Zedugnissen
- Pipe processing degree are also on our products
Furthermore, we also offer engineering services for the renovation and repairs on site.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2008
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
DIN 18800-7:2008 Class D/E (maj ...
Obernstraße 18
DE-28195 Bremen
DE-07745 Jena (Thüringen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Company data
Year of foundation: 1992
Employees: 20 - 50

DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
ISO 9001:2008
Göschwitzer Straße 62
DE-07745 Jena
CH-9230 Flawil (Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Is there a general contractor in sheet metal processing, we are determined to do so.
With a current team of 50 employees, we process customer orders from the simplest to the most complex part of laser welded construction. This chrome steel, aluminum and steel with certified welders according to SN EN 287-1 / 9606-2 and EN 15085 C2 and where required including dye penetrant inspection PT2
In our own modern mechanics, we are up to 4 meters in length to work in a position with the 5-axis machining center workpieces in very high precision.

New 2011/2012

- 5-axis high dynamic Fräszenter
- Profiling Machine
- CAM System
- Laser engraving machine
- Bending cell
- Adhesive Standard DIN 6701
- ISO 14001
- Water-jet system

In the field of mechanics since mid-May 2011, a new high dynamic 5-axis Fräszenter in use.
Dimensions 650mm X 650mm Y 560mm Z with a 18 `000 r / min. Spindle.

In January 2011, our new aluminum profile milling machine went into operation, so that we are able, profiles with 200mm and a length up to 4m, 3-sided to work in one setting, includingautomatic Spannpratzenverstellung.

Due to the continuous development of manufacturing, was invested in January 2011 in the latest CAM software Mastercam X5 version.

Set with light characters, from July 2011, we can on your own laser engraving machine stable and permanent markers ready to virtually all materials.
The integrated rotary axis also labels on round parts can be made.
Whether engrave, erode or occasion colors, for every application the right label.
In the field of identification or traceability, opened up by the engraving of new possibilities.

The fastest bending robot in the world, since 2012 in use in our mail.
This bending cell trump raises the bar for the robot bending in
new level.
In Switzerland, we are the first company where the technology is in use.

The implementation of the adhesive according to DIN 6701 standard will be completed by the summer of 2012, the audit is in autumn 2012

With the introduction of the adhesive and the environmental standard 14001 standard is introduced.

In the summer of 2010, we were able to take our new waterjet system with 2 cutting heads operating successfully.
Compared to the previous system, a productivity increase of 30% could be realized.

We hope to have piqued your interest, and we look forward to your inquiries, give us a try.

Best Regards

Hansjörg Marton

CEO / Owner

Company data
Year of foundation: 1974
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
Burgauerstrasse 52
CH-9230 Flawil
DE-04862 Mockrehna (Sachsen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Manufacture and assembly of parts and assemblies * For automation, especially axes, support portals and with lengths up to 9m and * For the special machine and plant engineering. *** Manufacturing of welded constructions for special machine including mechanical processing. *** CNC milling parts (size 9000 x 1800 x 800 mm) *** Assembly and other metal works.
Company data
Employees: 20 - 50

DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Bahnhofstraße 4
DE-04862 Mockrehna
DE-07549 Gera (Thüringen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

We are a registered since 1962 master company The company was founded in 1962 by Siegfried Theilig in Gera. In 1996 it was taken over by André Theilig.
In 1998 he was corporate relocation and thus expansion into the industrial park Keplerstr.11-13th

We can secure and offer the manufacture of precision parts made of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal and plastic in individual production and series production of the highest quality.

Our working area includes the diameter sizes of 3 mm
up to 42 mm. Chuck work up to diameter 80 mm are possible.

Furthermore, we can examine the parts with a profile projector and check for roughness.

Surface treatment and finishing are possible in cooperation. We offer turning, milling & on other technologies.


* Readings for execution
* Contract work, CNC metal and plastic processing

Our product range

* Stepped shafts with internal thread small and large batch processing
* Bowling, cross bore - stepped shafts with inner thread, taper, cross holes - bolt with grooves, key areas - Precision Screws - Rings of all kinds - Complicated moldings
* Precision Screws - Rings of all kinds - Complicated moldings

Company data
Year of foundation: 1962
Employees: 10 - 20

Gewerbepark Keplerstr. 11-13
DE-07549 Gera
DE-73441 Bopfingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
M & K Machine & Components GmbH
About M & K
Your powerful partner from design to finished product

The company M & K GmbH is a young company with 30 employees and
2650 square meters of production area in Bopfingen. We are manufacturers of transportation equipment, special purpose machines, parts and steel structures and assemble them also. We respond individually to the needs of our customers.

Our capabilities in addition to the construction of complete machines and apparatus according to the drawings of our customers also includes the small batch production, the individual production and the prototype in tool making.

The welding of all common steels, stainless steels and aluminum alloys, as well as repair welds in the house or on site are part of our scope of services, such as turning, milling and drilling with innovative Cutting Technology.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2001
Employees: 20 - 50

DIN 18800-7:2002 Class D/E (maj ...
DIN EN 729
Industriestr. 16
DE-73441 Bopfingen
NL-5953 JR Reuver (Zuid-Nederland)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
As a production partner to Original Equipment Manufacturers for more than 50 years, Optiwa B.V. (Optiwa) supplies our customers with precision mechanical parts and mechanical assemblies. Optiwa's critical success factors lies in its efficiency, design for manufacturing (DFM) support and a highly efficient production of products to tolerances in the sub-micron range. A team of skilled personnel ensures an uninterrupted production flow of products that meet specifications, quality and delivery commitments - time and time again. Optiwa is your first choice partner for series production of very accurate and complicated products at the right cost. Capabilities * Range of state-of-the-art machining centres * Turning and milling of very small parts to big parts up to 800mm * Range of robotized machines for production 24/7 (minimum supervision and lower production cost) * Sub-micron technology * Precision mechanical assemblies (vacuum cleaned, where necessary) * Series production up to thousands per annum * Controlled environment measuring department * Excellent supply base of surface and thermal treatment services * Design for manufacturing (DFM) support
Company data
Year of foundation: 1957
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
Molenweg 3
NL-5953 JR Reuver
DE-71672 Marbach am Neckar (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Osthoff precision mechanics deals with the production of mechanical components made ​​of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including hot or surface treatment.

With modern machinery we can process in one setting when producing complex qubischen and rotationally symmetrical components five or more pages. The advantages are shorter lead times, precise positional tolerances, no re-clamping and a better quality / price ratio.

1980 Company founded by toolmaker and master mechanic Horst Osthoff.
Repair and rebuilding of HSS and solid carbide special tools.
Parallel conventional production of turned parts for the tool.
Mid-80s conversion of the machinery on ground-controlled machine tools, CNC milling and manufacturing focus.

1986 Development of a universal multi-position measuring system, in particular for use in rotationally symmetrical parts.
This measuring system is trademark protected.

1995 Development of a device for the removal of Abstechbutzen of turned parts, with subsequent patenting in Germany and in the USA.
Since then, complete machining of mechanical components made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including hot and surface treatment.
Primarily production of small series with numbers from 5 to 200 pieces, but also series of up to several 100 parts.

2001 Introduction of a quality management system certification, the company according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2008.

The customer base is located in the mechanical and automotive engineering.

Own developments:
* Butzenentferner
* Universal multi-point measurement technology

Company data
Year of foundation: 1980
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
Kirchenweinbergstr 131
DE-71672 Marbach am Neckar
DE-74746 Höpfingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

CNC turning & milling

We finished with our CNC machines to the newest technology in the field of CNC turning and CNC milling for the general Maschienbau, automotive, construction, electrical engineering, Hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, printing industry, chemical industry, as well as airports and railway vehicles.

For more than 35 years, we have provide maximum quality and delivery reliability at the individual products for our customers repeatedly demonstrated.

All this we have given a fair price to the customer.
Due to continuous growth was in know-how and the training of staff and trainees invested.
Every employee brings technical knowledge as capable with it.
This mirrors back into our products and production lines.

If you want to benefit as a customer now and in the future, then please call us.
With our modern computer software we are able to fast tenders or decision-making processes to respond to the delivery of their desired product and act.

For prototypes to the highly accurate or complete part of lot size up to the series part.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1972
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
Am Mantelsgraben 37
DE-74746 Höpfingen
DE-35457 Lollar (Hessen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Hand polishing (ALU, MS, steel)

Precision products

Medium / large scale production up to a lot size of 30 million pieces per year

Supplier to the automotive industry (interior parts in ALU)

Hard machining of highly wear-resistant materials (eg NI hardware, Hastelloy, Ferro-titanite)


Weapons production with all necessary licenses


Company data
Year of foundation: 1997
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Justus Kilian Str. 3
DE-35457 Lollar
DE-02799 Waltersdorf (Sachsen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
We can bring (va pump technology, vacuum technology and plant engineering) over 60 years of engineering experience in various subject areas. Not least because of the production of its own products, we feel connected to the pump industry. The centrifugal pumps and cutting machines are sold in Asia, Russia and Europe. We are also distributor of all leading manufacturers of pumps and compressors, and accessories. Please see our shop at / shop!

The selection of the product, we agree with you. This gives you security and time savings are planned through by us from engineering to commissioning and maintenance of all work steps and executed. Whether it is thus a single pump or a large industrial plant is ...

CAD design, computer-aided design!
Detailed engineering pumps, plant design, process flow diagrams and RI, installation plans, detail drawings, calculations, electrical engineering, process engineering, technical documentation, operating and maintenance manuals!

Timely delivery and execution!
So apart from liquid pumps, vacuum pumps and compressors as well as any accessories such as AC motors and internal combustion engines, instrumentation and control engineering, electrical controls and build complete solutions in the form of compact systems for increasing pressure, vacuum, condensate, cooling / heating, sanitary engineering, high pressure cleaning


Company data
Year of foundation: 1945
Hauptstr. 14 a
DE-02799 Waltersdorf
AT-1230 Wien (Ostösterreich)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Our customers are offered everything they need within our group of companies, all in one basket: from development and project management via the production of tools for plastic and metal fabrication, through to manufacturing the parts.

In this way we closely co-operate with our customers in developing functional structural plastic and metal components on the basis of the design, thereby achieving an optimum combination between plan, design, manufacture, and cost structure.

The integrated possibilities have enabled us substantially to shorten the project run up to the point of series production. The systems Pro-engineer and Catia, available to our staff, permit the creation of structural components and tools, "in one casting" as it were.

Injection Moulds Our staff in the individual manufacturing areas have state-of-the-art technologies and most up-to-date machines (such as 12-wire and 15-wire cavity sinking EDM machines) at their disposal. In producing moulds with a guaranteed number of shots, especially for the automobile industry and consumer electronics, our dictum is precision and quality.

This holds true for injection moulds, diecasting, duroplastic, two-component, rotating, transfer and insert/outsert moulds, just as much as it does for two-colour moulds, combinations of hard and soft plastics, automatic wire leads, in-mould decoration, and precision gear wheels.

Rapid tooling with the aid of our EOS metal sintering machine M250 Extended makes it possible to produce mould inserts for injection moulds and prototype tools within a very short time.

Eighty moulding machines in Vienna and Hungary, with a clamping force of between 25 and 1,100 tons, offer all the possibilities of manufacturing moulded, thermosetting and duroplast, gas-injection moulded, two-component moulded, insert and outsert moulded, as well as in-mould decoration parts.

Our machines are equipped with automatic robot systems, and automatic packaging lines complement the production line.

Vienna: 3-shift operation / technical products and precision parts with a mould clamping force of up to 500 tons,

Hungary: 4-shift operation / technical products and design parts with a mould clamping force of up to 1,100 tons.

Your plastic parts are coated in three fully automated painting lines on a water-soluble basis (single-component or two-component coating).

Your metal parts are electrostatically painted, from the smallest parts up to housing coatings for consumer electronics.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1966
Employees: > 1000

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001
Kirchfeldgasse 69
AT-1230 Wien
DE-42653 Solingen (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Since its founding in 1985, the Thomas Samulski GmbH manufactures mechanical components and assemblies.

Our range of services covers the CNC turning and CNC milling, and the production of small Schweißbaugruppen.Die assembly manufacturing and 5-axis milling takes on an ever greater role.

In close cooperation with specialized partners, our range of services also includes centerless grinding, laser machining, hardening and all common surface refinements such as galvanizing, burnishing, anodizing, painting etc.

The Samulski Thomas GmbH supplies a wide range of industries such as mechanical engineering, equipment / apparatus, the testing / measuring equipment, the lighting industry, the construction industry, the automotive industry, as well as tool manufacturers.

A team of experienced and motivated staff put us in a position to react flexibly to customer needs. Regardless of whether it is a simple component or a challenging assembly, we provide pre-finished quality. Give us a try!

Company data
Year of foundation: 1985
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Lindgesfeld 10
DE-42653 Solingen
AT-9556 Liebenfels (Südösterreich)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Company data
Year of foundation: 0
Employees: 20 - 50

Lebmach 32
AT-9556 Liebenfels
DE-87672 Roßhaupten (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

Precision is our business

The SFT Clamping Systems GmbH CNC-precision milled parts offers decades of expertise in high-speed milling.

We produce sophisticated precision machined parts for the electronics industry, the aerospace industry, optical industry, the automotive industry, general mechanical engineering.

The advantage of our company is that we are agile: Our professional and dedicated team manufactures around the clock on modern milling centers.

We manufacture series parts in medium and large numbers and small series and individual parts if necessary. We advise you, above all, family or group.

This approach is for us everyday, we to put what you need. And we are contributing our expertise and years of experience.

Continuous development, including through intensive training of our professionals is, of course for us.

The production

We manufacture series parts in medium and large numbers and small series and individual parts if necessary.We supply our products to the whole world.

* The basis of each order is the customer's drawing. True to detail and perfection with this drawing is read, converted or manufactured prototypes.

* With its own programming systems, machining centers and CNC measuring machine your and our high quality standards are guaranteed.

Of course, we can read all common file formats for your drawings. All necessary programming work lead by our trained professionals on different CAD programs.

On materials we handle include:
* Aluminum
* Brass
* Special steels (Vacodil, Invar, etc.)
* Titanium

Everything from one source

Has it best when you have a reliable supplier to the hand, the ordering form you much decreases? That is also our view. That's why we offer our customers full service:

We not only assist you in planning, design and production, but we also take care of

* An economic Shopping (comparing prices, the best conditions...)

* Reliable supplier

* The logistics

* Suggestions for improving efficiency in production

* Possible optimization potential in the construction

* The use of modern and efficient manufacturing machinery

We continuously develop for our customers. This is reflected in our range of services: from the "pure process" was added at the request of our customers, further processing, electroplating, refining.

Corporate Data:

* Founded in 1985 as CNC programming office of Ferdinand Schneider

* Since 1987, production of CNC-milled parts

* 1992 entry into series production for RF technology

* Since 1997 high-speed milling up to 20,000 revolutions

* Since January 2002 the company was transformed from SFT in SFT Ferdinand Schneider GmbH

* Since April 2009 under the name: SFT Clamping Systems GmbH

Company data
Year of foundation: 1985
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2000
Augsburger Str. 27
DE-87672 Roßhaupten
DE-33106 Paderborn (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
The Sprick Technologies GmbH & CO. KG has more than 40 years of experience in the field of special and precision tools. More than 72 motivated and qualified staff are ready to implement your requirements in highest precision. A comprehensive state of the art machinery ensures efficient production and a high grade of H.-G. Sprick - products. Clients from the automotive, automotive, aerospace, computer and electronics industries are among our satisfied customers. Exceptional engineering achievements today are the obvious tomorrow. To get new ideas, you have to ask the old question, disconnect the Recon from the tradition. Continuous development of the state of knowledge and investment in the latest manufacturing technology guarantee in the fast-moving markets the high quality standard of H.-G. Sprick - products. We rely on the expertise and creativity of our employees. Our team offers: * Concepts, design and product development * Tooling for injection molding, stamping and forming technology * Experiment, prototype, model and serial production tool * Jigs and spare parts production for tools and equipment * 3-D special parts, assemblies, components and serial processing * Teachings Urlehren and special measuring equipment manufacturing * Services and contract work in the highest quality
Company data
Year of foundation: 1977
Employees: 50 - 100

No certificates
Frankfurter Weg 13
DE-33106 Paderborn
DE-85232 Eisolzried / Bergkirchen (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

We are a flexible and ever-growing company. We currently employ 18 employees and finished in 2.Schichtbetrieb.

Our Kerkompetenzen lie in the areas of: CNC machining / 2,3,5 axes, sheet metal processing, pattern mold and complete solutions including design, installation and surface coatings.

Is manufactured on modern CNC machining centers. The 5-axis machining, DXF and CAD / CAM machining are of course standard.

In addition, our in-house locksmith has the ability to 3D Aufspanntischen to manufacture complicated weldments. Brazing and stains and clean of soldering and welding parts made in our own pickling baths.

The assembly includes simple assemblies and cable assemblies to extensive walkthroughs. We manage the purchase of individual components, like to take care of the design of the packaging and coordinate the timely shipping.

The storage of materials and assemblies, as well as the delivery Kanbanverfahren are negotiable of course to our free service.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1996
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2000
Kreisstraße 13
DE-85232 Eisolzried / Bergkirchen
SI-4000 Kranj (Slovenija)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
TEHNOMAT (pronounced Technomat) is a family company formally established in 1991, immediately after Slovenia's independence. It continues an enterprise established in the town of Kranj over 30 years ago by Drago Česnik.

In 2003, the company moved to a new 2,400 square metre site where an improved working environment has provided conditions for expanded production and sales.
The company permanently employs 12 workers. All employees are constantly involved in training in such areas as comprehension/recognition of new material and operation of new machinery at all stages of production, particularly the use of CAD-CAM technologies.

Our company has a serious commitment to the creation of a healthy, safe and motivating working environment. We believe that this approach, together with modernisation of technology, accounts for our high level of productivity.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1991
Employees: 10 - 20

Jezerska cesta 55
SI-4000 Kranj
CZ-61200 Brno (Ceská Republika)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
For over 25 years we supply German company with parts for the
Machinery and Plant:

complete assemblies as well as items
Welded structures with different functions
Sheet metal processing (eg, 2D, 3D laser cutting, plasma / water jet)
Special machines
Delivery of turned parts, sheet metal parts (eg including machine enclosures), guard
Delivery of complete machines with hydraulic and Eletronikkomponenten
Rollers and roller shells in different designs

We, the Textura GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and our subsidiary company, the Textura CZ sro in the Czech Republic are your competent partner for contract manufacture, components purchasing, design work and sales in Eastern Europe.

We have for 25 years directly involved in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and successfully support our customers in the procurement of mechanical parts and components.
Our engineers organize the selection of suppliers on-site and coordinate the production and logistics process.
The quality control is already taking place locally.

Through our engineering site we guarantee agreed delivery times, intensive quality control and market knowledge.

We follow the production steps in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on site, monitor timeliness and quality of and organize the packing and transport.

We know the right manufacturing company for you and have at our Czech contractors a great weight by bundling orders.
Therefore, we can easily realize smaller quantities and individual productions.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1979
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
Svatopluka Cecha 1934/48
CZ-61200 Brno
DE-96173 Oberhaid (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Producing the highest quality for the most demanding

The UNEX METALL is a system supplier in metalworking.
Our services range from the development of the design and prototyping to series production. Our competencies are both in the machining and in the reshaping metalworking.

We only do what we can and in 50 years we have learned a lot. The advantages of manual production and computer control unite. You can find our work pieces in a modern rescue equipment in campers or motor sports. They are quite small or quite large. Imprecise? At most, this description of our scope of services. The workpieces are leaving our pattern of precision.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2014
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
Im Maintal 8
DE-96173 Oberhaid
DE-32361 Preußisch Oldendorf (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
Idea as a supplier of major components for mechanical engineering and plant engineering

Since 1961 Werner rice Maschinenbau GmbH produces high-quality, challenging work pieces and components for mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Our range of services covers the following areas:

- Production Technical support eg for new designs
- Complete material procurement
- Steel construction / welding work
- Heat treatments
- Machining CNC Machining
- Surface finishes

The existing modern CNC - machines is geared towards the machining of large components, large milling parts, boring machine, etc. with very high accuracy requirements.
In many cases demanding production workpieces such as machine bed, Traverse, longitudinal beams, cross members, sleds, substructures, boom, tower, gearbox, transmission, etc., were made by us
For more information, please refer to the attached documents. We hope your interest in our company we have awakened. For further questions please contact Mr. Rabiega or Mr. Rice are at your disposal.

ISO 9001:2000
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class D/E (maj ...
Hafenstr 7
DE-32361 Preußisch Oldendorf
DE-26180 Rastede (Niedersachsen)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)

Specializing in the bandwidth

Many years of experience and professional qualifications of the staff make our company a specialist over a wide bandwidth. This applies to the materials as well as for the manufacturing process and the various branches of industry. From the technological advice on the procurement of materials to the delivery of complete subassemblies our customers find us a competent partner.

We process all machinable materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, etc. Kuststoffe

Power spectrum

CNC - Turning
The manufacturing sector is turning a focus of our production, where machines are used in horizontal and vertical construction, some with automatic loading device and a double-spindle lathe. Also workpieces on multi-axis lathes with counter spindle, bar loading magazine and powered tools can be produced.
We process all machinable materials such as steel, cast steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, etc. Kunsttoffe

CNC - Milling
In modern CNC machining centers we mill, supported by powerful CAD-CAM systems, complex engineering components with highest precision, often in one setting as small, medium or large series.

* The advantage of our CNC milling are far-reaching and result from our extensive park of machines and machining centers: Vertical CNC milling machines
* Vertical CNC milling machines with pallet changer
* Horizontal CNC milling machines with pallet changers or pallet pool
* Vertical-5-axis simultaneous CNC milling machines

This diversity allows therefore for each individual case a specific selection of the system to be used, both in manufacturing aspects as well as in terms of cost, so that always excellent value for money can be achieved.

The terms 5-axis milling and 5-axis simultaneous milling sound almost the same. Both software technology and in terms of technical production possibilities lie between the two methods, however, worlds. The "simultaneous" variant, ie, the simultaneous control and motion of five axes, opens up new horizons in the design and manufacture of complex geometries, open spaces and 3-D surfaces.

In addition to the main areas of production CNC turning and CNC milling we also offer other machining options.
Thus we are able to provide our customers with a fully machined and ready to install a system component.

Possibilities of machining:

* Machining with geometrically defined cutting edge
o Drilling
o Threading
o spaces
o rubbing
o saws
* Machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges
o honing
o loops
o Radiation

Component manufacturing
A complement to our range of products and services is the assembly of components according to individual customer requirements.

According to customer order we process in our in-house manufactured parts together with purchased parts or customer-supplied products to mechanical systems and electro-mechanical assemblies.

As a result, they will receive a complete and ready to install system part. Including all desired surface treatments and electrical installations.

Upon request we provide them the assemblies to your specifications tested and logged available.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1926
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
An der Brücke 45
DE-26180 Rastede
DE-86836 Klosterlechfeld (Bayern)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
lasercaving lasermilling edm caving
Company data
Year of foundation: 1996
Employees: 5 - 10

No certificates
Sudetenstr. 14
DE-86836 Klosterlechfeld
DE-74182 Obersulm (Baden-Württemberg)
Supplier, job shop, Manufacturer for Cast minerals
Technology: Form milling (3 D)
The company Zanon GmbH was founded in 1990 in Lowenstein-Reisach. Following the acquisition of a tool making company in 1992, the company moved in 1993 to its present company building in Obersulm. Followed in 2001 by the expansion of the production hall and 2006, the new office building. These extensions allow us to expand our production capacity - with effects on the turnover and number of employees.

We are an innovative company which manufactures precision parts made of different materials. Where others give up, our range of services for our customers starts to get interesting. Quick decision-making, highly qualified employees and an extensive range of machinery enable the realization of tasks within the allotted time.

Tight tolerances, complex geometries, special materials ........ from item to pre-production, we assume with great ambition and face the daily challenges.

"We mill from solid"
Our range includes the manufacture complex CNC milling products, the assembly
and completion of complex single pieces up to pilot production.
We mill the components using the latest CNC machining centers. We act in all
according to your individual wishes and requirements.
By working with qualified partners we are also able to offer additional services belonging in the fields of surface treatment, heat treatment and coating technology.

"We turn the world"
Turning is manually or CNC controlled.
We pursue the goal of complete machining in turning. So take our CNC lathes not only classical turning operations, but do with driven work-
witness complex milling, drilling, and threading operations.
Technical information and maximum working areas of our various CNC lathes can be found in other machines (bottom right of the profile).

CNC - milling and turning parts as a single or series parts - vintage items according to drawings or samples - parts for motorsport or test engines - Complete castings inclProcessing in Al, GG, and stainless steel - MIG, MAG and TIG welding - Complete assembly - CAD data can be transferred and implemented through our CAD-CAM system to CAD programs online.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1995
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Reisacherstr. 16
DE-74182 Obersulm