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Techpilot Finishers in Spray-painting in Germany

The following Finishers in Germany, offer competance in Spray-painting, coating, surface treatment, surface refinement.:

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DE-95505 Immenreuth (Bayern)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

The Fa aldo Vertrieb GmbH can be ordered for mainly manufacture in CZ (Czech Republic) and SK (Slovak Republic), for the metal industry.

Due to carefully selected manufacturers, we are able to offer a wide range of production possibilities. Good opportunities exist in

- Mechanical / Machining: for example turned parts, milled parts, wire EDM, etc.
- Tooling / fixtures, gages
- Metal forming / punching, stamping, forming
- Casting production / cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, aluminum and non-ferrous metal castings
- Its own model and mold
- Sheet metal processing / complex sheet metal assemblies, covers, housings, steel sheet, stainless steel, VA plates
- Steel construction / welding assemblies, machine frames, base frames with mechanical processing
- Flame cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting

The company produces items to series production.

Rotate: diameter of 2 mm to 300 mm, length of 10 mm to 1000 mm. Conventional machines as well as modern CNC lathes with attached treibenen tools and CNC lathes.

Milling: Conventional and CNC machines and machining centers.

Loops is also possible (surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, CNC).


- Heat treatment such as carburizing, nitriding
- Surface coating, bronzing, coating, chromating, galvanizing

Most of our suppliers are certified.

spare capacity in the area of ​​milling (form milling, HSC milling, face milling)

Company data
Year of foundation: 2005
Droiacker 2
DE-95505 Immenreuth
DE-30855 Langenhagen (Niedersachsen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
The company Alexander Niescken was founded in 1947 and 1967 converted into a limited company, we currently have approximately 40 employees.

The task structure of the company has specialized over time to the execution of steel and metal work, as well as in the service sector on industrial installations, repair and maintenance of production as well as their cleaning. In addition to cleaning, we also carry out painting work, also we carry out tasks in the field of facility management.

We have a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and is certified welding operation.

We would be delighted if we could support you in the fulfillment of your duties.

Our Products & Services

We are entrusted in the industrial service area with the maintenance, repair and cleaning of plant equipment such as dust filter systems, ventilation technology and materials flow technology. We regularly clean production and floors in factories. We also renovate industrial buildings and machinery.

In steel construction, the area we are concerned with the manufacture and assembly of machine platforms for filters and ventilation equipment, steel structures for material storage and structures for halls and buildings.

In mechanical engineering, we are entrusted with tasks of maintenance, machine changeovers and remediation work.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1967
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2000
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Walsroder Straße 310
DE-30855 Langenhagen
DE-14793 Ziesar (Brandenburg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
At approximately 5,000 m² production area is available to our customers with about 30 employees, a modern metal machining center with CNC punching and nibbling NC press brakes, supplemented by joining techniques, ostensibly welding in all the usual methods. We bring fine sheet and section steel in almost every industrial application form. As a service, the surface treatment is primarily in the form of powder coating but also galvanizing & electroplating with partners locally fixed part of our concept. Pre-assembled supply parts for the machinery and plant are supplied from the factory with an elaborate supply chain into individual transport containers daily basis in the customer installation. An optimized forwarding logistics with highly flexible partners makes this possible. As early as the development phase customers in the design, engineering and prototyping are professionally supported.The basis for this is a 3D design system. Also in the bidding phase is managed for the mutual benefit costs by coordinating production processes and optimization of materials and batch sizes the potential customer. In addition to the design and manufacturing-oriented selection of sub-suppliers, customers get a well thought out logistics concept, which can be demonstrated live on the basis of model buildings and prototypes. The following services are provided by us: • engineering services • commercial services (egB. Create Angebotsmatrizen for product variants of the customer) • Cutting boards according to customer drawings (within large format 1500x3000mm) • Free Punching sales • forming (folding, pressing, beads) according to customer drawings • Welding work taking into account the customer's specifications • sawing, drilling, turning and milling according to customer drawings • Powder coating • Galvanizing and electroplating operation with partners • First and final assembly of components including functional tests • Integrated quality assurance system • Organisation of logistics to end users of the client • Transparent accounting Industrial Technology | sheet metal components | Die cutting | Assembling | Equipment | Heat exchanger | Filter technology | machine covers | Sheet is pure FORM DEAL for us.
Company data
Year of foundation: 2007
Employees: 20 - 50

Paplitzer Chaussee 1
DE-14793 Ziesar
DE-51429 Bergisch Gladbach (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
As a system supplier of technically sophisticated plastic parts and complex assemblies, anton manufactures clemens at three locations in (D) and (CZ) pre-finished products for almost all sectors of the economy. We mainly supply products and components for pneumatic applications, automation technology, the automotive industry, medical technology, electronics, components for batteries and accumulators, as well as plastic components for the construction industry. Project Management Whether development, production or processing: All of these steps, we understand as a unit. Our comprehensive project management guarantees therefore that we rechtzeitg involve all professionals to make at an optimal way the process chain. Toolmaking The design of an injection mold decide on the parts quality and production efficiency. Therefore, we rely on the mold design on our own experience.The only way we can meet our high quality standards. Injection The efficient and high quality production of injection molded parts is one of our core competencies. Whether complex or simple in design, whether as Kleinlos or large series: Our experience in the manufacture of various injection molding products is appreciated by our clients for decades. Assemblies From simple assembly to the robot-made system solution.Our spectrum ranges from simple rework to assembly. No matter what path your product is the right: anton clemens offers you in any way a comprehensive service. A small selection of product examples: complex functional assemblies for various applications as per drawing, Housing parts with EMC coatings, by IML-decorated films components (in-mold process) Ultrasonic welded assemblies, Cutting / marking and engraving laser technology, Encapsulation of Stanz-/Biegeteilen, some with fully automated parts feeding, Multi-component injection molded parts with Hart-/Weichkomponenten (2-component) Assembly work, followed by 100% testing and full documentation filigree housing for connectors, sensors, etc., Valves, switches, buttons, slide bearings, washers, plugs, gaskets, caps, lids, gear wheels, bobbins, clips, grips, Taghalter visually appealing
Company data
Year of foundation: 1954
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
ISO-TS 16949:2009
Braunsberg 35
DE-51429 Bergisch Gladbach
DE-94481 Grafenau (Bayern)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
Your partner for fine sheet metal work - competent, innovative and flexible

We are a family owned company in the field of sheet metal processing.

As a system supplier, we specialize in the custom case production and the
Production of sheet metal parts, assemblies and mechanical systems specializes.

We manufacture the most modern equipment parts in the technologies stamping, punching lasers, laser (Trumpf), bending (trump), stud welding (Soyer) and Bolzeneinpressen (PEM, Haeger), milling (DMG), riveting, spot welding and welding. We have all the options to implement high-precision and highly complex designs.

The own 3D design processes all common file formats. We design, of course, optimized for production in-house.

We offer not only the powder coating on all major galvanic surfaces and screen printing.

In our assembly we assemble electronic components to building complete electronic devices including commissioning, packaging and shipping.

United with our qualified staff we offer you high quality products from prototypes to series production.

B & S is a powerful partner from the idea to series production. We have the know-how, the capacity and the associated technology to deliver from simple stamping, laser part to the complex case or cabinet, all from one source.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2003
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
Josef-Buchinger-Straße 12
DE-94481 Grafenau
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
The dry Brückner GmbH & Co. KG is a medium sized, family run business with 60 years of tradition, € 80 million in annual sales and 350 employees, divided into 3 divisions. The core competence is the development, design and production of equipment for the textile finishing, which are exported to more than 90% worldwide.
In our state of the art manufacturing plant Tittmoning, we form with 150 employees, the entire process chain, from nibbling, laser cutting and bending in sheet metal processing, through manual or automated welding processes, the wet coating, the complete assembly and shipping, from. We are competent in sheet metal design, sheet metal and steel construction, and the
Manufacturing of welded assemblies by hand or with advanced welding robots, the coating of large-volume plant parts and the final assembly of system components up to 20 tons total weight. Our production is supported by an experienced quality assurance and production-related construction.Our free production capacities, we offer attractive terms. Try us, we look forward to your inquiries.

Management Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Key data

* Founded in 1960
* 156 motivated employees in a family environment
* Production area of 13050 m²
* Private training of industrial mechanics in their own training workshop (currently 13 trainees)
* Own production-related design and work preparation
* Expertise in sheet metal design, sheet metal and steel construction.
* Manufacturing of welded assemblies by hand or with the-art welding robots.
* My painting for large parts of the system
* Final assembly of system components up to 20 tons total weight.
* Delivery capacity of more than 45 container / week. About 95% export share. Focus countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, China


* Design department equipped with 3d and 2d CAD system CoCreate
* State of the art laser and sheet metal nibbling machines from Trumpf.TC 6000L large format, TruPunch5000, bending centers of Weinbrenner to 4.5 m
* Welding robots for parts by volume up to max. 1.000mm x 4.300mm
* Liquid coating for parts by volume in the system to 1,5 m x 4m
* Wet paint on the Special Spray accommodate parts up to max. 2,5 m x 5m
* Final assembly and packaging of plant parts up to 20 tons.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1949
Employees: 200 - 500

No certificates
Laufener Strasse 12
DE-84529 Tittmoning
DE-73079 Süssen (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
The company Butz & Wollmershäuser has worked for over 80 years in the field of metalworking.

From its traditional apparatus we have developed at this time for specialists in the field of machine covers.

In addition, we also manufacture complete machine frame or machine body as
Weldments in steel or stainless steel for the food industry.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1924
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
DE-73079 Süssen
DE-75334 Straubenhardt (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

"Technology is our profession."

ELOMAHG understood for 40 years as a partner with solution thinking. The openness to new technologies, willingness to learn new technical fields and grow to challenges has made us what we are today:

A company with enthusiasm and expertise in many technical fields, which work together interdisciplinary.

Our partners and our expertise centers form the basis for expertise, reliability and professionalism.

"For you, we realize many things and more."

On the basis of accurate analysis in the field of electrical engineering, metal engineering as well as in human resources utilization, we concretize the problems of our customers and develop together with them efficient concepts to solve them.

Whether it is a functional body of your warehousing, new concepts for the measurement, the basic electrical equipment of your building, the outsourcing of repair and technical service or the production and maintenance of means of transport.

We certainly will find a good solution!

Contract Manufacturing

For different companies, we produce at our site Straub Hardt and Althengstett different parts for mechanical engineering.Through our diverse production you get a lot of contract manufacturing activities under one roof.

Our production:

• Material cut
• Cutting processes
• Sheet metal processing
• Painting
• Assembly work
• Galvanizing (Partner)
• Laser cutting (Partner)
• Flame cutting (Partner)
• Transport
° Welding (TIG, MAG, manual metal arc welding)

Examples of products:

• machine frames from pipe
• Doors for Racks
• holders of motors
• Brackets for limit switches or signal devices
• Framework
• Brackets
• Oil Pans
• Machine fencing
• Platforms
• Ramps
• Stepladders
• Modules

Company data
Year of foundation: 1966
Employees: 50 - 100

DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
ISO 9001:2008
Hansgaß 8
DE-75334 Straubenhardt
DE-99310 Arnstadt (Thüringen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

Service for device from the middle of Germany

With modern technologies locally and trained staff, we support our customers' ideas.

We are able to design and develop products according to customer specifications further in the engineering design.

Our production range goes from the cutting and non-cutting production to the manufacture of CNC machined parts, stampings, CNC laser parts, CNC bending, welding assemblies as well as complicated and high-quality sheet metal parts and sheet metal structures, machine covers, racks, sheet metal enclosures, cabinets, assembly groups in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper bus bars, etc. completely from prototype to mass production including the desired surface coating (eg, powder coating, wet painting, silk screening, etc.), gasketing and assembly.

You get full service with short delivery routes from the center of Germany - that saves time, reduces your costs and protects your nerves.

Short term, we have spare capacity to run our cleaning and degreasing.
The system works both in the spraying process and also in blowing off the parts to be cleaned
with air. To clean aqueous cleaners can be used.
Ideal for high volume regardless of whether geometry transmission parts, engine parts, drive shafts or plastic crates and baskets.

Our quality management system is through the - certified "DQS German Association for Certification of Management Systems" according to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1938
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
Bierweg 2
DE-99310 Arnstadt
DE-D-84503 Altötting / D-04808 Wurzen (Bayern)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
As a specialist foundry we concentrate on your ideas and requirements, and on implementing them in castings of up to 4 tonnes made from various materials. Simultaneous engineering, prototypes, and small and medium-sized production runs are our strengths, giving you the benefit of unusually short delivery periods, security of processes and reliability.

Our core competencies are in the following fields:
Machinery and plant manufacture
Construction plant spare parts
Company data
Year of foundation: 1862
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
Estererstraße 12 / Dresdenerstraße 40
DE-D-84503 Altötting / D-04808 Wurzen
DE-71394 Kernen i.R. (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

A well-trained staff of 45 professionals in the production and 15 staff in technical and commercial fields set to the requirements of our customers.

According to our motto of "Quality and Reliability" we see ourselves as partners to our customers. Based on our experience, we offer you complete solutions: from design to production-ready finished product, incl.Oberflächenbehandlung and assembly.

Our product range covers the entire spectrum of sheet metal products, from single parts to large-scale, from simple board to complex workpieces and assemblies for high-tech applications.

Designs from all steel grades, stainless steel to sheet thickness 15mm, steel up to 20mm, aluminum up to 12mm are manufactured following products: cabinets, machine covers, housings, containers, cabins, cable channels, displays, electronic components, pipe steel structures, heat exchangers

A small selection of products that we manufacture for you:

- Switchboards
- Container
- Displays
- Electronic Components
- Faceplates
- Housing
- Cabins
- Cable channels
- Machine covers
- Oil pans
- Pipe and steel structures
- Cabinets
- Steles

Company data
Year of foundation: 1922
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
DE-71394 Kernen i.R.
DE-77797 Ohlsbach (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

Hegro engineering: methods that provide solutions

We work in our engineering operation with powerful automation, high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship. We serve our customers as a service provider and supplier in consulting and implementation ative to the side. Kundenanfordungen be fast, flexible and timely met.

Your satisfaction motivates us every day to create new solutions and pursue innovative ways to achieve the best result.Naturally produced our production according to current standards and guidelines. Specifically we offer:


Modern production technology, powerful programming systems and reliable machines secure in the CNC parts manufacturing the high quality of our products. Our customers can rely on good results in CNC turning, CNC milling and drilling.


- CNC cylindrical and surface grinding
- Roto-Finish (vibratory finishing)

Surface treatment

We work shoulder to shoulder with selected partner companies that provide the right solution for our customers in the shortest possible time:

- Zinc plating, nickel plating, anodizing, burnishing
- Phosphating, chrome plating, DACROMET ® coatings, cathodic ® coatings
- Sand blasting and glass bead blasting

Heat treatment

Even in the heat treatment, we work with selected partners from different

Company data
Year of foundation: 2008
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
Carl Benz Straße 30
DE-77797 Ohlsbach
DE-88630 Pfullendorf (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

The "Hennig GmbH, steel and metal products" in Pfullendorf, Baden (20 km north of Lake Constance), is a technically modern equipped, qualified family-owned business in the industry. The company specializes in the "cutting and assembly of series, single parts and assemblies", and is a reliable partner for a number of nationally known companies and corporations.

Mostly wrought and saw blank, Hennig manufactures components, which are used, among other things in the clamping means and commercial vehicles, as well as in textile machine or pump, engine and transmission technology.On a variety of visual and functional parts, this complex milling, drilling, turning and grinding processes with modern tools and machines are used. Reaches Process capability and ensures Hennig by a quality management system certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

Production methods:

Flexibility through the manufacturing process in house as:
Turning point turning, CNC turning, milling, 5-axis machining, drilling,
Surface grinding, CNC grinding, cylindrical grinding, 3D Measurement
Spaces, grooves evacuate, evacuate gears, bumping, marking,
Sawing, cleaning, assembling, assembly of components, painting ...

Product examples:

Clutch and transmission parts, magnetic body, anchor plates,
Rotors, pulleys, drive shafts, deflection shafts,
Hubs, wheel hubs, swing axles, engine components ..

Base jaws, jaws block,

Company data
Year of foundation: 1979
Employees: 50 - 100

ISO 9001:2008
Im Goldäcker 20
DE-88630 Pfullendorf
DE-24582 Wattenbek (Schleswig-Holstein)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
Emerging from a locksmith, founded in 1946 in Wattenbek (Schleswig-Holstein) has the Henning Dierk machine and Appparatebau GmbH due to the constant development and expansion of its manufacturing technologies over the years to become a powerful medium supplier for sheet metal parts / metal parts and assemblies mounting developed, as well as competent and reliable partner, flexible now divided into two production sites. To produce high quality sheet metal parts and assemblies a team of experienced and motivated employees is at the Henning GmbH Dierk next to a modern machine park requirement. The long-term and clear corporate philosophy helps that customer requirements are fully met in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. In the center of all our activities for decades is the customer and their satisfaction. Our aim is to offer cost-effective solutions for our customers, thath short manufacturing and delivery times, a fair price / performance ratio and a consistently high quality of production. This is exactly where our strengths lie. Take advantage of it! We look forward to your projects. We supply to customers from different industries such as - Machinery and equipment - Interior Finishing - Warehouse - Ventilation and Klimabau - Electrical industry - Medical Industry - Authorities Materials - Steel - Stainless Steel - Aluminium - Copper - Brass - Plastic
Company data
Year of foundation: 1946
Employees: 20 - 50

DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
Nienröden 4
DE-24582 Wattenbek
DE-48477 Hörstel - Bevergern (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
We are an industrial and commercial agency with direct suppliers and production facilities in Poland, Czech Republic, China, Italy, Taiwan, India, Turkey and Germany.
We design and produce together with our partners to our customers in the following areas:

Welded structures such as caddies, storage racks, long-product pallets.
Steel construction, welding in general. Surfaces such as rays, galvanizing, painting, powders.

Sheet metal processing all materials:
CNC punching, nibbling, edges, laser welding, cutting
Fully automated bending center, powder coating,
Deep drawing, laser cutting, punching from coil, components,
Services according to customer requirements

Turned parts, milled parts made of all materials

Castings and their processing

Plastic injection molded parts up to 2,500 grams weighing, + Toolmaking
Extrusion plastic profiles
Aluminum profiles and their processing

Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, control boxes and control cabinets completely

Agricultural Engineering

Bent wire parts


Bend and process tubes

Company data
Year of foundation: 1986
Employees: < 5

ISO 9001:2008
Seilerstraße 30
DE-48477 Hörstel - Bevergern
DE-39576 Stendal (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
JS-laser technology is a young company with modern technology on the market for laser job shop. Our qualified staff are continuously trained and thus ensure a high quality and fast order processing. JS-laser technology customized for your prototypes, individual parts, small or large series and assemblies. Our multi-shift operation, we are able to produce large series in the short term. Get in touch with us, we will advise you and make you an offer! Services We offer: · CNC - Laser cutting (TruLaser 5030) · CNC - Bending (TruBend 3120) · Steel, stainless steel and aluminum processing · Welding (MAG / MIG and TIG) · Production of prototypes, individual parts and small-to large-scale production · Assembly manufacturing · Pipeline construction · Geländerbau · Flexibility in the design of the parts as well as easy modification · Short-term delivery of large series by multilayer system · Adoption of existing drawings in DXF, DWG or other formats · You have only a sketch? No problem for us! Laser Cutting We cut for you sheets up to a thickness of: 25 mm mild steel 20 mm stainless steel 12 mm aluminum at a maximum
Company data
Year of foundation: 2007
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
Industriestraße 29
DE-39576 Stendal
DE-23858 Reinfeld (Holstein) (Schleswig-Holstein)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

Kurt Grützmann Precision Engineering GmbH has stood for over 40 years for outstanding quality in machining. As a supplier of high-quality turned and milled parts and assemblies, we have a wealth of experience. In northern Germany we rank among the largest companies in the precision engineering of this kind

We keep our machinery is always up to date and can also meet unusual requirements. For precise and rapid implementation of the drawing on the CNC program to the finished part, we use modern CAD / CAM technology.

To ensure the high quality of our products, coupled with our certified quality system, the entire production process. Quality is not only for the product but for all areas in our company, such as customer care, technical consulting, proposal management, work planning, staff training and delivery.

Our organization structure is tight and clear, the skills of each employee clearly defined.Internal and external training continuously enhance the skills of our staff tribe.

Already in 1963 the first apprentice was trained as a specialist in the company. Since being formed regularly in the industrial and commercial sector with us.

With our patented series "Beissner cleaning equipment" we distribute products in addition to the supplier's own product lines and special machines. The development and construction is carried out in a separate department of our company. Visit our website

Our subsidiary Advanced Pneumatic Marine GmbH (AP Navy) specializes in manufacturing, sales and installation of ship door drives. Visit our website

We will gladly make you a cost effective quote for your parts.

Medical Technology:
Production of parts and components in small and medium series for medical equipment and supplies (egAs for ventilators, anesthesia equipment, analysis equipment).

Manufacturing of medical implants such as bone nails, bone screws, hip joints made of titanium alloys to customer specification

For the assembly of components and the composition of complex equipment, our clients have trained personnel available. The necessary logistics for the procurement and preparation of the individual components are part of our scope of services.

We manufacture components for high-pressure gas regulators, valves and fittings. These parts are used in the chemical, petrochemical, laboratory technology, aerospace and medical industries.

We are long term supplier of leading manufacturers of Ultra-Pure gas. They must meet the most stringent requirements and international standards, such as the semiconductor industry. For these components, materials such as stainless steel V4A, VAR stainless steel, Hastelloy and Monel are processed.

Racing / tuning:
Manufacture of racing and tuning parts for cars and motorcycles.
Dry clutch for motorcycle racing

Production of workpieces special performance in small and medium series for aerospace, as well as testing and device parts for aircraft assembly.

Other areas:
We manufacture parts and components for a wide range of applications and can also meet unusual requirements. Manufactured by us workpieces come out in the aforementioned industries in research and development, nuclear energy, general engineering, pneumatics and hydraulics, marine and safety engineering.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1961
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2008
Weddernkamp 6
DE-23858 Reinfeld (Holstein)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

Surfaces with system

The Matthias Wetzel Industriebeschriftungen GmbH stands for the treatment, processing and labeling of surfaces. She has mastered technologies such as laser marking, engraving and mechanical parts, screen and pad printing, powder coating and painting as well as precision finishing, drag finishing and processing. Both the printing of round surfaces especially of optical components and surfaces of tools, trim panels, front panels, labels, watches trays, implants, scales, mechanical parts and complete assemblies can be coated and grafted.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for laser-etched labels we are CSA approved supplier for the North American market.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1999
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 14001
OHSAS 18000
Brüsseler Straße 14
DE-07747 Jena
DE-77736 Zell a.H. (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
Technical Trading Dreh-/Fräs-und for sheet metal parts

Company data
Year of foundation: 2011
Employees: 5 - 10

ISO 9001:2008
Hauptstr. 1g
DE-77736 Zell a.H.
DE-89547 Gerstetten - Dettingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
We are a small, flexible company that through the special achievements in:

Laser Technology
Sheet Metal and Processing (round, edge, drill, ...)

successfully takes off in the marketplace.

Satisfied customers are our best reference!

Our location in southern Germany, just off the A7 motorway (Würzburg-Ulm) guarantees the best transport connections in a central location in the heart of the Swabian Alb.
Our working style is characterized by quality consciousness, customer orientation and team spirit.

The use of modern technology enables the highest product quality, precision and reliability.

Technical know-how and qualified personnel create standards for the future.

The high level of automation of our company ensures our clients efficient and on-time production in small and medium series.The material will be processed by us steel, stainless steel, aluminum and most diverse special materials.

The production inspection and measurement guarantees a consistently high quality of our services.

Benefit from our know-how.

Get to know our diverse manufacturing capabilities in more detail and use our strengths to improve your competitiveness:

short lead times and dates
great flexibility
optimum quality of the products
favorable prices through high productivity
competent contact persons for each task.


Laser Technology:
Mild to 25.0 mm material thickness
Stainless steel: up to 20.0 mm material thickness
Aluminum: up to 12.0 mm material thickness

Sheet size: up to 1500 x 3000mm

Of course, we can continue to edit each laser part, whether square or round.
For details, see the section assemblies.

from laser cutting to the deformation (edges and round) to complete welded assemblies including the desired surface, we offer complete solutions.

Of course, we also take during production tasks such as development, design, product approvals and logistics.

Welded assemblies:
Whether sophisticated machine covers, complicated or container frame structures - our certified welding personnel ensures proper execution of your welding jobs.

All welding work - whether butt welds or fillet welds are carried out according to relevant, or the standards demanded by our customers.
Weld testing such as X, dye penetrant, etc are supplied according to requirements.

Products for plant construction and process engineering:
Tanks, cyclones, hoppers, tanks, compressed air tanks andsw

Products for plant construction and process engineering:
Pipes, elbows, branches, transition pieces, special parts, butterfly valves, gate valves, air flow regulators, diverters etc,

We look forward to meeting you!

Company data
Year of foundation: 2004
Employees: 50 - 100

DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
DIN 18800-7:2008 Class D/E (maj ...
Heerstraße 9
DE-89547 Gerstetten - Dettingen
DE-49828 NEUENHAUS (Niedersachsen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

The New Hauser Group is the holding company of the 26 currently single company with 2,195 employees and an annual turnover of 450 million euros in 2008.

The activities of each company can be found in the following business areas again

• batching
• centerwind
• traveling cleaner
• Transport systems (cheeses, roving bobbins, spinning cans)
• suction and vacuum systems
• coating and dry locations (use behind Web and knitting machines)
• storage systems for bobbins
• Palletiersysteme

Contract production, such as
• Rotating parts (pistons, bushings, washers, rings, cones, control piston, shaft, axles, hubs, pins, screws, spindles, pins, cylindrical rollers, rollers verch. Sizes, etc.)
• Milled Parts
• complete machine and plant construction according to customer requirements from design to
Installation and Service
• roller production (up to 8000 mm total length)
• Locksmith
• Wage measurement (modern measuring room includingPortal meter Zeiss MMZ G-25 30 20)

Commercial Vehicles
• Production of portal elements
• Profile editing
• Installation
• Coating

-Machine Elements
• Expanding shafts
• Clamping Couplings
• chucks and adapters
• friction and blade shafts
• Shaft handling

-Kompressorenbau (shipping)
• Start air compressors
• pressure vessel
• Industrial Compressors
• compressed air starter
• Air-conditioning
• bilge oily water separator
• Biological treatment plants

Environmental engineering
• Screw mills, up to 120 m³ / h
• starscreens
• Shovel separators
• air classifier

Products for the steel industry
• Band edge processing facilities
• rolling mills
• conveyor systems

A growing product range and increasing demands of customers from individual divisions make a steady and adequate investment readiness required for a stable and healthy growth of the company can be secured for the future.

A particular interest is that in the group a technology-and innovation-friendly climate is to be promoted in the unconventional thinking and new ideas

Company data
Year of foundation: 1956
Employees: 500 - 1000

ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
Hans-Voshaar-Str. 5
DE-09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna (Sachsen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

Machine enclosures, cabinets, welded assemblies made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum - the omega sheet metal working GmbH sees itself as a system supplier for mechanical engineering.

Concretely, cover from the first sketch through 3D design to finished product, the entire value chain.
In between processing steps such as laser cutting, punching, nipples, bending, welding, riveting, assembling, powder coating, wet painting. If desired, the OMEGA products are also completed with electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components.

Flexibility, quality and punctuality is crucial and is achieved through close cooperation with the partners. This in turn is a demand for all times to meet with his counterpart "on equal footing".

Design and manufacture of a hand in the sheet metal.
Apparatus and tank made of stainless steel to 100,000 liters. Pressure vessels, complete systems, design and manufacturing.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1995
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 9001:2000
DIN 18800-7:2002 Class A-C (min ...
Sachsenstrasse 31
DE-09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna
DE-87616 Marktoberdorf (Bayern)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

Challenges grow with the idea.

As Pohl & Sons was founded in 1913, they concentrated more fully on the button production.
Even though we are now the market leader in the manufacture of buttons, to have our
Workspaces long since expanded.
Based on the know-how of an existing for over 90 years, family-owned company, we have created a flexible and economical production of plastic injection molding and zinc die castings in the last decades.

Our strength is the mass production of high precision technical parts made of plastic or die-cast zinc for all industries. Alone in the plastic injection molding weekly capacity is 4 million pieces, of course we also manufacture small series like for you.

Complete solutions from one source:
Fast, efficient, cost-effective.

From consulting to production to quality assurance: We hold ourselves to the requirements of our customers.The production of plastic injection molding and zinc die castings assumes perfect mold. Therefore, all forms are produced in our own tool on CNC machines with the highest quality.

Experience makes perfect - even in the further processing

We not only have the necessary know-how for the production of high precision plastic injection molding and zinc die castings, but also set new standards in the further processing. But in our company are high quality, modern and extremely powerful post-processing such as laser machines, pad printing machines, paint spray booths and paint baths. Also, we have decades of experience in the electroplating of plastic and zinc die castings.

From the idea to the finished component

Already in the early planning stage of your project, we see ourselves as a competent partner in the performance optimization and implementation of customer-side targets.We will carefully examine the conditions for the optimal preparation of your tool and advise you in choosing the best material for your application.

30 plastic injection molding machines

- Arburg to 250 tons clamping force
- Shot weight to 650 gr
- Max. Clamping area 570 x 570 mm
- CNC controlled.

The following are available:

- Color printing or screen printing
- Laser processing
- Color painting
- Dyeing
- Electroplating
- Installation work of all kinds, and even small lots.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1913
Employees: 20 - 50

ISO 9001:2008
Buchenweg 30
DE-87616 Marktoberdorf
DE-75233 Tiefenbronn (Baden-Württemberg)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting


We are your efficient partner for the production of precision turned parts. We see every job as a partnership on time. From the first inquiry to the final rotational part, we bring our years of experience, our expertise and our creativity with. The decisive factor is the high level of qualifications and the outstanding commitment of our employees. Of course, we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Our product focus is in the machining of round / square / hexagon / profile and tube material:

* Stainless steel (1.4104, 1.4305 and 1.4301)
* Cutting steel
* Brass alloys of all kinds
* Copper alloys
* Aluminum
* Plastics
* Titanium and other machinable materials

We manufacture turned parts at its finest. Individual and precise.


High investment in modern machinery, constant run control, continuous training of our employees and the hundred percent testing in our own laboratory to guarantee only the highest quality parts.

Do you want special solutions you need assistance in the development of parts required or necessary, a surface treatment? By whatever tasks you require us to customer-oriented, partnership

Company data
Year of foundation: 2003
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2000
EN ISO 13485
Daimlerstr. 22
DE-75233 Tiefenbronn
DE-59494 Soest (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
The Schrage GmbH at a glance:

- Founded in 1884
- Since 1992 GmbH
- About 90 employees
- 18,000 square meters of production space at two plants in Soest

With the beginning of the company's history in the founding years of the medium-sized, family-run company can look back on a more than one hundred years of experience - accumulated knowledge, which holds it as a service provider, system supplier and problem solver at the same time for its customers.

The production areas in the company form of machinery and equipment, the production of welded structures and the Sonderkranbau. The individual production according to customer requirements as well as the production of special machinery of all kinds are the strengths of Schrage GmbH.

A high level of quality, reliability and the constant endeavor with modern technology to offer the partners fortschritliche troubleshooting determines our actions and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

SCHRAGE is a powerful group of companies that will manufacture your products - on time offering a high level of quality - whether item or complete machine.

Our scope of supply:

• Steel and steel weldments
- Up to 20 tons unit weight,
- Stress relieved,
- Blasted,
- Primed and painted
• turning, even with driven tools
• milling and boring mill, also known as pure wage labor
• Machine parts ready for installation
• Large part machining to size 8.000 x 3.300mm, 5 axes
• Fully assembled modules
Fully assembled and ready-to-machine
• maintenance
• Repairs
• Steel S235JR S355J2G3, stainless steel V2 V4 1.4301 1.4571 1.4404

Further details on our manufacturing capability, you can remove the data plans.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1884
Employees: 50 - 100

Niederbergheimerstr. 29-33
DE-59494 Soest
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
SMZ GmbH is a metal processing company in Saxony. There are all the trades of mechanical processing such as turning, milling, punching, edge, cut and paste offered.

SMZ has its own modern machinery and suitable partner for work that can not be performed in-house.
The know-how in modern manufacturing technologies and machine Aussattung allows us to offer customers targeted with complete machining.

From prototypes to pre-production, the batch size 1 to Series - all numbers are cut short and flexible with us.

We offer our clients the execution of a wide variety of welding

• Series robot welding
• welding and fusion welding
• special welding processes
• Maintenance work
• flame and plasma cutting
• Repair welding

Welding can be carried out by us on the spot!

We have a highly modern machinery, dedicated employees to manufacture your orders on time and to the highest quality.As a provider of contract work, we produce mainly small and medium series. Our offer is complemented by the pattern part manufacturing. The quality assurance is guaranteed by both a CNC-controlled instrument and by manual test.

For conventional machining both controlled and manually operated machines are available.

We offer single-part and small batch production as CNC machining, or by conventional machining, in particular milling and turning.

Your advantages:

• dimensionally accurate conversion of your drawings
• Production of precision parts at low rates
• Processing of all common materials
• Fast uncomplicated order development

Quality, flexibility and productivity are available for our sheet metal processing. From the prototype and sample production on items up to small series we are the right partner.

Machining of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Company data
Year of foundation: 2006
Employees: 10 - 20

ISO 9001:2008
Trabantstr. 2-6
DE-08068 Zwickau
DE-08132 Mülsen OT Thurm (Sachsen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
Lasers of steel sheets up to s = 15 mm

Lasers of stainless steel and aluminum sheets up to s = 10 mm

CNC - Bending with a brake press 135t to 3000 mm

Welding of assemblies in all common welding processes

CAD design in SolidWorks, support your manufacturing problems, new designs when needed

we manufacture include:

Machine frames of profile pipes including coloring

Machine housings made of thin sheets including coloring

Interior panels for X-ray systems with liners of lead sheet

Prototyping for sheet metal parts in the automotive industry in batch size 1

CNC rotary bending of cylindrical - and radii components from Dm 60 Lmax 720 mm

Bending round motor from Dm 120 Lmax 2700 mm

Artisanal sheet metal work (including clamping, straightening, tails, driving)

Installation of holistic welded assemblies

Welding process: MAG - TIG - WP - Stud Welding - MIG brazing

Surface processing: grinding, satin finishing, powders, painting, anodizing

Company data
Year of foundation: 1997
Employees: 10 - 20

No certificates
Bergstr. 7
DE-08132 Mülsen OT Thurm
DE-48499 Salzbergen (Niedersachsen)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting

Sheet metal processing at a high level.

In our furnished with the most modern sheet metal working machines production facilities, we manufacture according to your individual information from the special profile to series, almost every sheet form. We include partner for the steel and metal, the facades and mechanical engineering as well as for a variety of industries. We use aluminum, steel and stainless steel sheets

Laser Cutting

With our state of the art laser cutting machine we are able to meet their expectations do justice to the latest state of the art and to tailor exactly sheets, in any shapes and sizes to the millimeter. In a format size of 3000x1500 mm can be lasered sheets with a thickness of up to 20 mm at a laser power of 4000 watts.

CNC punching

On our CNC sheet metal processing center we work sheets with a size of 3085 x 1650 mm without Nachsetzten with full table support.Facade sheets up to a length of 6m will be cropped on the adjusting function.

CNC edging

Precision edge components with high dimensional accuracy can be produced on a equipped with efficient technology CNC press brake.

Round rollers

On our 4-rolling mills sheets can be rounded up to 3000 mm length.


Welding grinding, and polishing, as well as the use of Schleißgewinden and rivet nuts are our daily business.


Of course, we also offer all surface finishing of anodizing up to color-coated powder or Nasslackieungen in GSB
Quality, at.


For the development of individual parts and assemblies, we also put in a 2D/3D CAD systems A-CAD and SolidWorks.

Company data
Year of foundation: 1996
Employees: 50 - 100

DIN 18800-7:2008 Class A-C (min ...
Holsterfeld 15
DE-48499 Salzbergen
DE-55765 Birkenfeld (Rheinland-Pfalz)
Finisher, job shop, Manufacturer for coating, surface treatment, surface refinement
Technology: Spray-painting
The Walter Werner GmbH - specializes in metal finishing

Using different methods, we provide functional and decorative surfaces and protect as metals and plastics from corrosion and wear. The focus of our work lie in the areas of galvanizing, painting and adhesive coating. Certified to ISO / TS 16949:2009 and registered to EMAS II, we guarantee tested product quality while environmentally friendly production.

OUR SERVICES - from a single source at a single location

1 Radiate
2 Degreasing
3 Passivation
4 Phosphating
5 Anodizing
6 Galvanize
7 Zinc-nickel
8 Powder coating
9 Wet painting
10 KTL coating
11 Adhesive coating
12 Special Procedures
13 Combinations

Since 1957, the Walter Werner GmbH stands for professional finish, first at Idar-Oberstein location and from the seventies in Birkenfeld / Nahe. Whether in mass production or order production, with us it's all about the metal and plastic finishing by electrodeposition, chemical and organic coatings from a single source.

Covering an area of ​​32,000 square meters work daily to over 15o engineers, Galvanomeister, technicians and skilled workers for our clients, mostly from the automotive, mechanical engineering and electrical industries a.

Short distances and high flexibility set us apart. Even unusual, logistics services we can provide Europe according to customer requirements from a single location. For example, are refined at Walter Werner also components from Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Taiwan, India and China.

As a family owned, medium-sized companies in the personal and professional behavior with our business partners is important. Similarly, the values ​​of quality and environmental awareness: they are since the beginning of our company pioneering in understanding.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

You will be legally binding.

Whether you have questions about our finishing techniques or our company - we will call you back.

Your request by e-mail, please contact:


Marketing and Sales
Peter Weber, Tel: +49 6782 9932-49 E-Mail: @

Frank Werner, Tel: +49 6782 9932-23 E-Mail: frank.werner @

Quality assurance
Mario Abel, Tel: +49 6782 9932-56 E-Mail: mario.abel @

Company data
Year of foundation: 1957
Employees: 100 - 200

ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
Dambacher Weg 2
DE-55765 Birkenfeld