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"We get bidding information and new customers more quickly with Techpilot."

"Due to the noticeably increasing pressure from a changing market, it is ever more important to be able to respond directly to industry changes and order fluctuations. This is why we use Techpilot, to get bidding information faster and win new customers."
Rainer Veitinger
Sales representative Karcoma-Armaturen GmbH

"The Service at Techpilot has set a very high bar for quality."

"I have been very positively surprised by the high advisory competency of the service team behind the Techpilot platform; personable correspondents, an individual demonstration, and quick, competent service every time. The service provided has set a very high bar for quality."
Patrick Ruch
Commercial director and co-owner Hofer + Co

"My Firm's profile on Techpilot ensures valuable customer contacts."

"As suppliers on Techpilot on Techpilot we can present ourselves purposefully to interested firms. Thanks to this presence, we are regularly contacted by buyers and have already been able to create long-term customer relationships."
Jürgen Burger
Managing office director Buro Präzisionsteile GmbH

"We are convinced of the effectiveness of Techpilot"

"We are convinced of the effectiveness of Techpilot and we utilize the platform daily. We are interested in new customer and order acquisition, as well as the market analysis aspects."
Andreas Müllerleile
Head of Sales and materials management Trautwein Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH

"This year I have already received some orders."

"I regularly receive personal inquiries from Buyers. Additionally, I am always looking for good opportunities in the marketplace. I have already won two customers and several orders this year."
Manfred Knittel
Sales Manager Kritzner Metalltechnik GmbH

"The Techpilot marketplace provides an outstanding opportunity to identify new potential clients."

"The marketplace provides a good opportunity to identify potentially interested firms. I have to do very little research because of the transparent contact information provided and can quickly and easily contract attractive clients. This has allowed me to win new customers on a regular basis."
Daniel Störzner
Managing Director LCP GmbH