Open positions​

Flexible working hours

You are free to arrange your working hours as you wish, and we will honor your contractually stipulated working hours. If a burning project does take longer, we will find a balance.


Height-adjustable desks with ergonomic chairs and modern, technical equipment are standard equipment at our company.


We have 30 days of vacation in our contract plus the Bavarian holiday regulations, making it the best in all of Germany. In any case, there are special vacation days according to law.

Team Events

We regularly celebrate on special occasions and go to places like Wiesn. And preferably just for fun, whatever there is to celebrate.

A clear mind

Sometimes, you just need to clear your mind. And the best way to do that is to burn it off. Feel free to play a table tennis or darts match.

Snacks & coffee

Fully automatic coffee machine, Britta water dispenser with natural or sparkling water and fresh fruit are always at your disposal in our fully equipped lounge kitchen.

Techpilot Insights

„During my 15 years at Techpilot, the economy went up and down. For me, Techpilot has always been an employer that could give me security.“

− Christian, Sourcing Consultant


„I joined Techpilot through an internship as a rookie. I immediately felt comfortable and the team is really great! That's why I stayed with the Techpilots as Customer Relations Manager.“

− Dieter, Customer Service Specialist


„I come from a corporation, and I mainly appreciate the creative leeway, the quick decision-making processes and the passion for the cause.“

− Melanie, Head of Marketing


„Working with different nationalities and mentalities allows me to make full use of my intercultural competence. This challenge requires my skills and I value it very much.“

− Thinh, Sales Manager



We are easily accessible via U3 and S7, have trees in front of the window, and we also have parking spaces. It is quiet, the air is good and, during lunch break, you can be in the beautiful Schützengarten or in the Sendlinger Park in 2 minutes.


We have a large, light-flooded, open loft-style office with old-fashioned industrial windows that act as silencers, and a large kitchen with a huge dining table and lounge area. Because working together also means eating and enjoying together.


We maintain an informal corporate culture with very fast decision-making processes and personal communication. Everyone has their own creative leeway and can make a big difference. The next improvement is always just a conversation away.

Here's how it works​

1. Familiarize yourself​

You have applied at our company and will be placed directly with Renate in HR, who will answer the most important questions - yours and ours.​

2. Getting to know you​

It is important for us to see you in person at our office and show you everything. And, of course, you can bombard us with questions.​

3. Sample​

Depending on the position, we prepare a small case where you can demonstrate your knowledge and experience, or we invite you to a work trial.​

4. Welcome​

If you are just as convinced as we are, then we would be happy to welcome you to our team.​

How do I prepare myself?

You have applied at our company and will be placed directly with Renate in HR, who will answer the most important questions - yours and ours.

What do I wear?

It is best to wear what you feel comfortable in. Jeans, a shirt and sneakers? No problem. Then you would fit in marvelously with us.

How do I increase my chances?

Be as you are. So are we. Authenticity convinces us and creates a feel-good atmosphere for you right from the start.

Would you like to know more about us?

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