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Techpilot - Europe's leading online marketplace for custom-made industrial parts.

Techpilot - DynamicMarkets GmbH

The origin

"Every part has it's matching machine. But where are these machines?"

That was the question that Frank Sattler, the founder of Techpilot, asked himself in 1999. This is still a key question that every buyer of industrial custom made parts regularly raises. This led to the creation of Techpilot in 1999; an innovative online business-to-business marketplace to facilitate beneficial interaction between buyers and suppliers.


Today, it connects over 13.000 buyers with 24.000 suppliers covering around 280 technologies and has become the leading European market place for industrial custom made parts earning the trust of many customers.

Guiding principle

Techpilot, based in Munich, currently has 26 employees, who always aim to satisfy our buyers and suppliers with excellent technical expertise and great dedication. We all focus on building trustful and cooperative partnerships with our customers.


Techpilot - DynamicMarkets GmbH
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