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Supplier pool

In our database, buyers can find more than 24,000 potential suppliers for 280 manufacturing technologies.

Intuitive company profiles offer all the relevant information at a glance and enable quicker supplier comparison.

In addition, suppliers that are already known can be integrated into the Techpilot platform free of charge. As a result, buyers receive a uniform quoting process for drawing parts.

All the relevant information
is directly visible

Company information

Each of the 24,000 suppliers has their own company profile. This allows buyers to obtain an initial impression of the company in question, providing them with the following information at a glance:

- Revenue
- Employees
- Year founded
- Certificates

Range of services

Our supplier pool includes suppliers for 280 manufacturing technologies. They are additionally classified into the following:

- Available part dimensions
- Desired batch sizes
- Workable materials.

In addition, existing tool machines and descriptions of manufactured parts are displayed.


By using images of production plants and the parts produced, buyers receive a differentiated impression ofhow the company in question is positioned. Even industries in which the company operates and specificreferences are available and can be retrieved at any time.

Integrate existing suppliers


In addition to our pool of suppliers, there is also the option of integrating known suppliers as favorites.They are visible to every user in a company and are displayed with priority in the matching. Furthermore, auniform quoting process for drawing parts reduces the work involved in manually comparing quotes.

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