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Customer contacts

Over 16,000 registered buyers search daily on Techpilot for new manufacturing partners for drawing parts.​

The company profile plays a central role for the presentation of a company. The profile is visible at different places both on the Techpilot platform and through Google, generating visibility for relevant buyers. This helps suppliers to gain valuable and direct customer contacts and allows them to initiate long-term relationships with buyers.​

Significantly increase online visibility

Company Profile

The Techpilot company profile is the digital business card for a manufacturing company and contains the following sections:

• Manufacturing competencies
• Company information
• Reference parts and machines

With an extensive and appealing profile, suppliers are able to present their company to more than 16,000 buyers and gain valuable customer contacts. The more complete the information, the more precise our intelligent matching algorithm can find the matching inquiries.

Visibility on Techpilot

Over 300,000 company profile views a year lead to numerous contact possibilities. Buyers find manufacturing companies in three different ways:

1. Nearby companies are displayed on an interactive map on the buyer dashboard.

2. Matching of suitable companies upon the submission of an inquiry.

3. Buyers discover new manufacturing companies by using the supplier search on our website. Premium customers benefit from a prioritized position in the hit lists.

Reach through Google & Co.

Online research through digital channels and search engines become more and more important for decision makers in purchasing departments.

Once a company profile is at least 75% complete, we will list it on Google and thereby increase its reach. We also continually develop formats for our premium customers where we introduce individual suppliers in detail on our social media channels and through media partners.

This means manufacturing companies receive visibility among relevant buyers even outside of the Techpilot platform.

Bitkom-Study on
digital platforms

Securing the future viability

Online customer acquisition and online marketing become more and more important for manufacturing companies as well. According to the Bitkom President Achim Berg, “digital platforms are much more than an additional sales channel, they fundamentally change the economy and establish a completely new model.”

In the Bitkom study “Digital Platforms” which was published in February 2020, there are three topics among the top 5 advantages which are crucial for the supplier's benefit. In addition to the acquisition of new customers and an increase in recognition, securing future viability is the general topic regarding digitalization. Achim Berg explained: “If you are responsible for a company and still have not yet devleoped a platform strategy, you should start now”.

Use Techpilot and let relevant buyers find you.

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