For suppliers​

Success Analyses

In addition to other benefits, premium members benefit from comprehensive analyses. Suppliers receive an analysis for each inquiry on how their own prices compare to the competition.​

This data allows for an optimal response to market changes and creates unique transparency. We additionally provide suppliers with precise figures regarding their online visibility and show which buyers have visited their company profile.​

Success becomes measurable

Profile visitors

Most of the time, an initial virtual visit sets the stage for promising customer interaction.

Even basic members can access a detailed evaluation of their profile visitors.

Overview of inquiries

For the duration of their membership, premium members can see how many matching inquiries their own company has received. Besides the number of inquiries, the order volume is also displayed.

Filters allow you to limit these statistics to manufacturing technology, inquiry value, and time.

Using this information, suppliers can keep track of their own activities at any time and optimize their sales.

Competition analysis

The question of the right price for an individual drawing part is complicated and complex. Important factors for the price calculation include the respective machinery, the basic wage costs as well as personal experience with comparable components.

By means of our individual offer analysis, we provide suppliers with a tool to compare their own prices to those of direct competitors in an anonymous manner. This allows suppliers to focus on certain inquiries and increases the chance of converting offers into orders and long-term customer relationships.

Optimize your sales with a Techpilot premium membership.

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