How it all began...
“Every part has its matching machine, and we know where it is.”
Frank Sattler
CEO / Founder – Techpilot
In 1999, Frank Sattler decided to create a digital platform for drawing parts. He conceived the idea as he was working in sales for international machine tool manufacturer Trumpf. Here, he regularly received inquiries from buyers regarding which machines are available from which suppliers. On the other hand, manufacturing companies expressed a great interest in finding buyers who required their capacities, and thus the idea was born. Under the “Techpilot” brand, Frank Sattler created a digital website that brings together buyers with the matching suppliers.

20 years later and with 40,000 registered users, Techpilot is Europe’s largest platform for the manufacturing industry.

Motivated by a mission to give suppliers visibility, bring transparency to the drawing parts market, and consistently simplify sourcing, forming ideal partnerships continues to be the driving force for Techpilot.
A journey through time


The company DynamicMarkets GmbH and the Techpilot brand were founded in Munich.
Techpilot Website 2001


Techpilot goes live at the Hannover trade fair and 3i comes onboard as an investor.


Techpilot provides 3D data visualization to its customers for the first time.


SAP interfaces are introduced as a service for automatic data transfer.


Techpilot changes its business model and focuses on the open marketplace.
Techpilot Website 2007


Techpilot becomes profitable for the first time as a pioneer in online marketing.


Due to strong growth, the Techpilot platform receives a scalable foundation and a new appearance.
Techpilot Website 2011


Proprietary supplier portals are launched as a white-label solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

2012 is launched in the U.S. to internationalize the Techpilot business model.


The company begins operations in Italy in collaboration with the italienischen Handelskammer für Deutschland e.V. [Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany] (ITKAM)
Techpilot Website 2015


Techpilot launches a search engine to optimize the search for suppliers.


Together with the machinery market, Techpilot issues the award for supplier of the year during the Best of Industry awards.
Techpilot Website 2020


The Techpilot platform is relaunched, and its intelligent matching algorithm undergoes further development.


Techpilot grows…
Behind the scenes
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