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On the Techpilot platform, over 30,000 different drawing parts in 280 manufacturing technologies are requested annually. The purchasing companies come primarily from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.​

Thanks to our intelligent matching algorithm, suppliers only receive customized inquiries and can directly submit an offer online. Good offers are the basis for the initiation of a long-term customer relationship. ​

Easily acquire orders

Customized inquiries

Our intelligent matching algorithm finds the perfect supplier for every part. The company profile is the basis for the algorithm.

Suppliers are informed directly via e-mail about matching inquiries and have easy access to inquiry details and the attached drawing files in the “My Inquiries” ection online. Important decision-making criteria are identified in a transparent manner. This allows suppliers to understand if it is a non-recurring, project or series requirement and what the reason for the inquiry is.

All current and past inquiries are additionally available for suppliers to identify interesting inquiries independent of the company profile.

Submit online offers

Buyers value the well structured comparison of offers in our e-sourcing solution. The basis for the comparison is the submission of a digital offer on the Techpilot platform.

The calculated price is submitted via a userfriendly input mask for each item and scale quantity. In addition, users are able to add deviating delivery and payment terms. Suppliers can also make use of the possibility to include an individual message or attachment to the offer.

A good offer often opens the door for future orders and long-term customer relationships.

Direct buyer contact

Drawing parts are characterized by a multitude of specific requirements regarding quality, price and delivery logistics.

Suppliers are therefore able to directly contact the respective buyer to clarify any open questions before submitting an offer. This allows suppliers and buyers to individually discuss suggestions for amendments or deviating logistics concepts, for example.

Our goal is to connect buyers and suppliers with each other directly and to establish ideal partnerships for each part.

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