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Leichtmetall Andreas Rittel GmbH Kissing

    Leichtmetall Andreas Rittel GmbH

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    • Industriestr 38
    • 86438 Kissing (Aichach-Friedberg)
    • Germany
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    • Employees: 20 - 50
    • Year of foundation: 1921/1980
    • Turnover: 1 - 5 Mil.
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    • ISO 9001:2008
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Michael Zerle

Ron Bontenbal

  • Vertrieb

  • Phone: Show phone number 05144493978
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Machining - Milling

Technology Lotsize Length Width Height Diameter Weight Material Strength

5-axis milling machines

10 - 5000 10 mm -
1000 mm
10 mm -
600 mm
10 mm -
400 mm
- -

Form milling (3 D)

10 - 5000 10 mm -
1000 mm
10 mm -
600 mm
10 mm -
400 mm
- -

Casting - Casting

Technology Lotsize Length Width Height Diameter Weight Material Strength

Gravity die casting

20 - 5000 10 mm -
800 mm
10 mm -
500 mm
10 mm -
300 mm
max. 35 kg -

Tool making - Etching and Spark Erosion

Technology Lotsize Length Width Height Diameter Weight Material Strength

Spark erosion countersinking

1 - 400 10 mm -
1000 mm
10 mm -
400 mm
10 mm -
400 mm
max. 500 kg -

Mechanical Engineering & Assembly - Assembly

Technology Lotsize Length Width Height Diameter Weight Material Strength

Mechanical assembly

- -
max. 25 kg -

Machining - Turning

Technology Lotsize Length Width Height Diameter Weight Material Strength


1 - 300 2 mm -
500 mm
5 mm -
280 mm
- -
further Technologies

Company description

Our extensive range for you:

»Aluminium gravity die casting
»Mold making, tool and fixture
»Heat treatment of cast aluminum parts
»X-ray inspection
��CNC sinker EDM
»Installation of components and finished parts

Due to the long-standing cooperation with competent suppliers, we can offer you the following services in addition:
Powder coating, yellow chromating or vibratory finishing.
Ask us. We will respond promptly.

In our foundry castings are produced in the mold gravity casting. We work with conventional casting techniques as well as with casting machines, casting machines and hydraulically controlled tilting casting machines. The unit weight of our castings have the wide range of 20 g to 22 kg. In order to reduce post-processing, it is possible to pour holes and cavities in front, and with cast-in. With the loading of sand cores, the requirement is created to manufacture large undercuts.A clean and coatable surface is an essential quality of our castings.
Our quality philosophy is based on expertise and years of experience. Talk to us. We will find a solution to your problem.
Examples of cast-in are:
"Threaded bushing (brass steel stainless steel)
»Bolt, Bushings
»Various parts provided by the customer

The material aluminum
Aluminium offers the advantages of being very light and very resistant to corrosion. With aluminum, twisty, thin-walled, pressure-proof and vibration resistant castings can be manufactured. Whether DIN or special alloy, we refer all aluminum alloys directly from the smelter. If you wish, we can also provide a certificate of analysis of the different alloys available.

Rittel our name stands for high quality in the field of tool and Kokillengusses.
In order to produce a high quality, perfect casting, especially a highly accurate and precisely crafted mold is required.With our world-class high-tech machine tools, we are able to provide the highest precision.
The following machines are available:
"Conventional milling machines
»2 CNC milling machines
»3 CNC machining centers and

»2 Errodiermaschinen.
On the 5-axis machining center and the path-controlled Senkerrodiermaschine we are particularly proud. Through a network of our CNC machines and our machining centers are connected to a server. This creates a flawless data exchange between the two CAD / CAM workstations is guaranteed and we can not accept designs of our clients in the most popular data formats.

Mechanical Production

Milling machines, machining centers and CNC lathes at our disposal for the machining available. In the field of cast iron makes our many years of experience the highest level of accuracy and process reliability possible. In our mechanical production but workpieces are produced, which are not made of cast iron.Also in this area is the 5-axis machining center and the path-controlled Senkerrodiermaschine represents a special

To meet the demands of the market, we have a few years ago on the assembly of components our range - with and without Castings - expanded. We take for you to place an order, picking and packing of purchased parts to ensure the timely delivery of the module.
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  • Steel

    • Structural steel
    • Case hardening/tempering steel
    • Stainless steel (rust-proof V2A)
    • Stainless steel (rust-proof V4A)
    • Free-cutting/mild steel
    • Tool steel
    • Cold extruding steel
  • Light metals

    • Aluminium and aluminium alloys
    • Magnesium and magnesium alloys
    • Titanium and titanium alloys
  • Heavy metals

    • Copper-zinc alloys (brass)
    • Copper and copper alloys
    • Zinc and zinc alloys
    • Solder
  • Plastics/synthetic materials

    • Elastomers
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  • Medical technology
  • Electrical industry
  • Office machinery and supplies
  • Drive and gear engineering
  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Lighting industry
  • Mechanical engineering
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