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Zama Solutions S.r.l. Roletto (TO)

    Zama Solutions S.r.l.

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    • V. Torino 15/1
    • 10060 Roletto (TO) (Torino)
    • Italy
    • Phone: Show phone number +39 0121 342599
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    • Member since: 2021
    • last seen online: last 360 days
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    • Employees: 10 - 20
    • Year of foundation: 1979
    • Turnover: 1 - 5 Mil.
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    • ISO 9001:2015
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    • V. Torino 15/1 - 10060 - Roletto (Torino) - Italy
Contact & company data

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Alberto Giretti


  • Phone: Show phone number +39 0121 342599
  • E-Mail: contact now


Casting - Casting

Technology Lotsize Length Width Height Diameter Weight Material Strength

Pressure die casting

- 99999998 mm -
300 mm
mm -
300 mm
mm -
50 mm
max. 1 kg -

Tool making - Mould construction

Technology Lotsize Length Width Height Diameter Weight Material Strength

Pressure die cast molds

- 100 mm -
500 mm
100 mm -
400 mm
100 mm -
400 mm
max. 500 kg -
further Technologies

Company description

Originally founded as Micropressofusioni in 1979, Zama Solutions is now a company highly specialized in the die casting of zinc alloy technical components ranging from 0.5 to 1000 grams in weight, using presses with closing forces from 5 to 200 tons.

Over these years, we have gained extensive experience thanks to the production of several million components used across many sectors.

At Zama Solutions, we daily produce castings that are used in the manufacturing of:

- Aesthetic and functional accessories for fixtures
- Mechanical components for the electronics industry
- Lock components, both for the construction and automotive sectors
- Automotive components for active protection systems
- Junction elements for structures made of aluminum profiles
- Components and accessories for zippers
- Components for stationery
- Elements for furniture
- Components for small automatic machines
- Gears and toothed pulleys
- Connectors
- Heat sinks
- Components for the appliance industry
- Valve elements
- Systems for office machines
- Hinges and joints
- Components for leisure and recreation

We currently have 699 molds active that can produce 1241 different types of components, with production runs ranging from a few hundred to several hundred thousand pieces.

The quality that is most recognized by the majority of companies turning to Zama Solutions is our extreme flexibility in constantly customizing the service according to their needs.

Furthermore, the production department is continuously supported by the tooling and engineering department for the design, construction, and maintenance of the molds for zinc alloy die casting. This is of fundamental importance, as any issues encountered during production are resolved in very short times, sometimes directly on the press itself.

The potential of zinc alloy is vast, and you too can benefit from it. That's why we have prepared a document available for free download, where we explain how you can take advantage of using zinc alloy as material for your components. You can download it directly from our blog at

If you have any questions and want to learn more, I invite you to contact us, so we can examine your case and understand how we can help you. Go to the contact page and fill out the form in detail in all its parts.
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  • Heavy metals

    • Zinc and zinc alloys
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  • Construction and architectural supplies
  • Lighting industry
  • Office machinery and supplies
  • Electrical industry
  • Precision engineering, mechatronics and optics
  • Household appliance industry
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic industry
  • Information technology (hardware)
  • Medical technology
  • Furniture industry
  • Telecommunication industry
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Automotive and vehicle construction
  • Mechanical engineering
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