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Techpilot has improved greatly: As part of a Weiterguided tour, we present you the most important innovations in detail.

Unique benefits for buyers:

Search and find suitable suppliers for your custom-made technical parts in our database with over 19.000 registered suppliers.
Post RFQs (Request-For-Quotations) on-line, receive quotes and simply compare price, quality and delivery terms.
Develop relationships with new suppliers and benchmark existing ones.

Save significant time and money with Techpilot to search, find and select suitable suppliers when sourcing technical custom made parts.

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Unique benefits for suppliers:

Present your company professionally to over 12.000 registered purchasers conducting thousands of supplier searches monthly.
Get on-line access to a continuous flow of valuable RFQs (Request-For-Quotations) for over 25.000 custom made parts annually
Create new customers and grow your business through direct contact with buyers.

Find new customers on Techpilot easily and efficiently to grow your business.

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